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Rides at the Lego Land Malaysia Themepark

Legoland Malaysia sells itself as a theme park destination first with rides to boot. It is home to 20 rides comprising of 3 roller coasters and 2 water rides. Key rides in the park include the roller coasters, namely the Lego Technic test track (Project X) by the left of the theme park entrance just beyond the Lego stores, and The Dragon roller coaster, the largest roller coaster in the theme park.

First off, we have The Project X, Lego Technic Test Track roller coaster is a heavily themed standard wild mouse coaster which seats 4 per coaster train, going around hard corners, giving the riders like they are thrown around like test subjects in a Technic test track. It is the first dominating roller coaster you see in dark blue by the Lego land hotel just after the park entrance.

Go for a ride on the Project X roller coaster here!

The top of the coaster offers great views of the surrounding park and the distant Legoland hotel building. Like a typical wild mouse, you go about zigzag zagging through various sharp turns at the top, before going through a number of mini drops at the end towards the ending of the ride.

legoland msia dec15 023
Project X, Lego Technic Test Track
legoland msia dec15 037
Dragon apprentice queue area
legoland msia dec15 046
Dragon apprentice trains

The Dragon apprentice is a mini closed-loop powered family roller coaster especially for younger guests. It even has adorable little dragon Lego figures which squirts water when activated along the ride queue line, and Lego play areas inside the queue line as well. Due to its short track, the mini coaster does two round circuit yet still offering some thrills along the helixes at speed.

Go for a ride on the Dragon apprentice on-ride video (POV).

The Dragon coaster has it’s position in the coaster line up in the park as the entry level coaster for children who wants some thrills, but not the potential fear of heights and intensity offered by the other coasters in the park. If you have little ones with you, you can consider using the Dragon apprentice as a ride leading up to the more scary ones, like the Project X and The Dragon coasters.

legoland msia dec15 053
The Dragon ride entrance
legoland msia dec15 072
The Dragon Coaster
legoland msia dec15 067
Ahoy matey!

The Dragon Roller Coaster is possibly the best ride in the park. It is a traditional hill-lift sit-down roller coaster featuring a good first drop and helix runs. There are no inversions. Go for a ride on board the dragon coaster in the video below.

The Dragon on-ride video (POV) here.

The ride castle entrance is very well themed too, which is a stark contrast to the inadequate theming on some of the other rides. You start off the ride entering large castle doors with an extensive medieval courtyard. The ride queue leading up to the station on the second floor brings you through a number of adorable Lego-themed exhibits and fixtures of the royalties who “stays” at the castle.

Panorama of The Dragon Roller coaster entrance


Having said that, the park is mainly targeted at young families and that is reflected in the type of rides available in the park. You will be pretty much out of luck in the choice of world-class coaster rides if you are a thrill seeker.

Other quirky family rides will include the Kids power tower, where you race to “pull” yourself up Lego themed towers and Aquaz wave racers. The Lost kingdom adventure is a nice enclosed dark shoot-em-up dark ride- you climb on board a tracked dessert off-roader with a storyline to discover ancient temple secrets. The laser-blasters gain you points for every successful hit of a target.

legoland msia dec15 121
Kids power tower
legoland msia dec15 026
Aquaz wave racers
legoland msia dec15 143
Lost kingdom adventure

Flat rides such as the Technic twister and a couple of driving elements such as the Driving school and Boating school. The fun thing about family rides is that some of them can be rather interactive. In the city portion of the park is the rescue academy, where teams can pit against each other by delegating tasks to put out a Lego fire using fire trucks.

legoland msia dec15 155
Rescue academy
legoland msia dec15 236
Driving school
legoland msia dec15 150
Lego City section

Many of the rides are nicely themed to their Lego counter-parts, Royal Joust is a tracked horse ride reminiscent from the Lego Kingdoms range of medieval toys, even complete with weapons and clothing. The Dino island is small flume wet ride with two drops, it’s a very standard log flume, so nothing too special here.

legoland msia dec15 138
Flume ride
legoland msia dec15 135
4D Theater
legoland msia dec15 169
Ninja Go performance

Show elements in the park include a 4D Theater, which does a rotation of 3D films based on the many Lego universes. It is nice that the park keep updating and adding new attractions to their lineup. New for 2016 is the Ninja Go performance. It is a live on-stage show comprising of human control puppets and projected audio visual imagery. It features aspects of the Ninja go universe as they go about cracking the forces of evil. The show runs for about 30 minutes and is worth catching. Show times are limited, and check your park brochure for show timings for the day.

legoland msia dec15 160
Ninja Go puppets
legoland msia dec15 070
Observation tower
legoland msia dec15 111
View from the Observation tower

Wrapping up the rides will be the parks observation tower, the park’s tallest ride offering a quick bird-eye view of the entire park. It is located beside the 4D theater area. Definitely not one to be missed as it offers and overview not only of the park, but the general Southern Johor area, the landscape and adjacent commercial areas and highways in the distance.

Panorama of the entire Legoland Malaysia from the top of the Observation tower.


Overall Legoland Malaysia is large enough with enough rides in-between exhibits for activities to last an entire day for the family. Rides are important, but not the mainstay of all Lego parks, as it compliments the teaching and educational aspects of the park too, without having to go full-fledged out as a thrill-seekers theme park.

Still the lack of exciting rides may make the park feel boring to teenagers and young adults, which questions on the park’s revisit value for groups other than families.

Read on more of the static Lego displays and learning areas of Lego Land Malaysia Themepark.


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