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Tips and tricks on getting all Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Medic Achievements

With the new Team fortress achievement packs out, I bet everyone on the steam server will be raiding on medics hoping to get all the new achievements (aka new weapons loadout). Many of the achievements can be unlocked while playing normally on any causal server, but if you simply wish to speed up the process for the OMG OMG BFG uber-bonesaw you saw that guy having on a public server, here are some tips I have for you on all of them.

TF2 Pyro Frenzy!
TF2 Pyro Frenzy!
April Medic Rush on GoldRush
April update Medic Rush on GoldRush
Blast Assist on interteam team achiemvement
“Scouts no more in a corner” – Blast Assist on interteam team achievement

The screenshots here show how some of the achievements can be unlocked if you group up with some friends to grind on a server. My favorite will defiantly have to be “The Raid” where you can a bunch of 10-16 scouts of the other team running straight into heavy mini and medic syringe guns. You can easily get 5-6 achievements for your team at a go on a single map round doing this, some of them being “Does It Hurt When I Do This?” and “Big Pharma” achievement just to name a few. Its also a typical laughing stock on how it is done too, trust me.

I’ve got almost all the achievements as of yesterday with few more left as I have only reached about half of the 1 million heal points for “chief of staff” together with milestone 3 after playing few hours for 2 days so far, with one weapon unlocked per day since I’ve started playing. The new Level 5 syringe gun (crap I don’t remember those fancy Kso-bomatic-zerg names!) is nice but pathetically little in health generation. The new critical medi-gun is very useful in helping you getting few more achievement as well, though that only most of of them only works with the old medi-gun, so stick to the old one even if you got the new one, so as not to take chances and wasting people’s time.

Engineer setup for the Medical Breakthrough achievement
Engineer setup for the “Medical Breakthrough” achievement
Mass medic BBQ for the
Infernal Medicine achievement
Mass medic BBQ aka “circle of fire” for the “Infernal Medicine” achievement
Scout teams running into mini and syringe guns
My favorite “The Raid!”- Scout Massacre teams running into mini and syringe guns

With that I present to you a short but extensive tip and guide into getting all of them yourself, with the help of your friends of course!

asterisk * denotes an achievement which can be easily obtained in-game public server casual play, but can take sometime or based on luck.

*First Do No Harm: You can get this one only before the map ends with a round win or map change, being the highest scoring medic on a team of 6 or more players with your kills = 0, which means only earnings points in assists and deploying ubers.

*Quadruple Bypass: Heal a teammate who’s taking fire from 4 enemies at once- Can be done on defense, say dustbowl map on a heavy teammate, you will most probably get it unexpectedly in the heat of the battle. Or just have 4 enemies sink one round each into a teammate you are healing.

*Group Health: Happens everytime in dustbowl or goldrush, work with 2 other medics to deploy 3 simultaneous uber-charges at the starting rush.

*Surgical Prep: Works in dustbowl or goldrush too, very easily as well too- have an uber-charge ready before the setup phase ends.

Trauma Queen: Realistically on public servers, 3 ubers in 5 minutes is almost God-like. You need both teams to work on this- Have a teammate (solider/demoman) constantly damaging himself and have some enemy volunteers to kill and to charge your uber faster. You need to deploy 3 uber-charges in less than 5 minutes, and assist your teammate in killing 5 enemies during that time.

*Double Blind Trial: Happens everytime in dustbowl or goldrush. Deploy an uber-charge within 8 seconds of a nearby enemy medic deploying his.

Play Doctor: Despite this being the easiest to get, its the hardest infact now with everyone playing medic now on casual game servers. In a team with no medics, get a teammate to call for “medic” then be first to switch to medic, and then heal 500 health on any teammate without dying. After healing 500 health, change class to get the award.

*Triage: You can get this by accident (if you are lucky) when you uber a teammate after the setup in dustbowl or goldrush when both teams collide. Alternatively, this is a very easy achievement to obtain- Get a demoman teammate to lay a critical sticky on the ground, and get him to immediately detonate it (while he’s standing on it) after you’ve deployed your uber-charge on him.

*Preventive Medicine: Have an uber ready and deploy it the moment an enemy touches your CP, with means blocking the enemy from capturing a control point with an uber-charged teammate.

Consultation: This one is hard to get on casual servers. Get the other team to be full of scouts (5 minimum) and heal a team medic to kill them all in a single life without dying. You can get this while going for the “Does It Hurt When I Do This?” achievement as well.

Does It Hurt When I Do This?: Kill 50 scouts with your syringe gun. This can be done on the method I call “The Raid”– In dustbowl, get blue to be all scouts and have them keeping running out the spawn and your syringe gun/team heavys all on full auto at the entrance. You can get Big Pharma and placebo effect easily for your whole team in less than 30 minutes before switching for the other team to have ago at it too.

Placebo Effect: This one is hard on public servers as most medics (unless the other team is retarded) can’t get past 2-3 kills without dying. This involves having your uber-charge charged and killing 5 enemies (preferably clean kills, no assists) without dying. On a recommendation you can get this done on “The Raid” as mentioned in the “Does It Hurt When I Do This” point.

*Peer Review: Takes time, or initiate a medic melee match to get it within the hour- Kill 50 medics with your bone saw.

Big Pharma: Can be done while doing the method in “Does It Hurt When I Do This?“- Assist a heavy in killing 20 enemies, where neither of you die.

You’ll Feel A Little Prick: In pure execution style, get enemies to bunch up weakened in a corner and ubber the scout using the scatter gun to clear them all at close range. You need to kill 4 enemies with single uber-charge on your scout with only with one med gun on the scout at one go.

*Autoclave: Assist in burning 5 enemies with a single uber-charge on a pyro. You can get this with a “friendly/tamed” pyro lighting up some volunteers from another team standing bunched up together. Or you can get it in my recommend “Mass medic BBQ” while doing the “Infernal Medicine” achievement.

Blast Assist: Refer to the 3rd screenshot on the 1st row. In pure execution style, assist in exploding 5 enemies (in this case weakened scouts) with a single uber-charge on a soldier. Can be done only with one medi-gun on one soldier at every go (i.e do not works if 2 or more medi-guns are on the soldier delivering the blows).

Blunt Trauma: Have some deliberately weakened enemy (say scouts) clustered in an area and rip your uber on the heavy- Assist in punching out 2 enemies with a single uber-charge on a heavy. Also, like in the “Blast Assist” achievement, can be done only with one medi-gun on one heavy at every go.

Medical Breakthrough: 3-4 is normal in causal servers but 8? Now that is difficult. With reference to the 2nd row screenshot above. Have blue build dispensers and teleporters all clustered together, then get a red demoman to lay stickies all around and destroy everything with a single uber-charge. Also, like in the “Blast Assist” and “Blunt Trauma” achievements, it can be done only with one medi-gun on one demoman at every go.

*Midwife Crisis: This is easy and paints a very typical situation in normal TF2 play, just heal an engineer as he repairs his sentry while it’s under enemy fire.

*Ubi Concordia, IBI Victoria: This one is tricky as it is all about positioning. You can get it by having you (the medic) and a heavy standing near by not on an enemy Control Point and having opposing team scouts (5 enemies) coming on towards you kill 5 in a single life. Dustbowl or the TF2 Warpath is a good map for this. The easy way is to blow up 5 enemies all standing on their control point with a team Demoman.

*Grand Rounds: Very doable, but just takes time- You just have to keep on playing- Heal 200 teammates after they’ve called for ‘Medic!’

*Infernal Medicine: Can be done overtime in casual servers, or for a fast track do it like what I do in the screenshot above with a “circle of fire” aka Mass medic BBQ- Extinguish 100 burning teammates, only when the fire disappears when it can be considered extinguished. You can get everyone to call for “medic” at the same time in the circle to get the “Grand rounds” achievement as well.

*Doctor Assisted Homicide: Assist in killing 20 of your nemesis (i.e getting revenge only by assisting). After one round is completed in “The Raid” as a scout (refer to “Does It Hurt When I Do This”), you will more of less the whole opposing team as a nemesis, switch over as a medic and heal the teammate who dishing out the honours to the scouts on the other team after the switch.

*Sawbones: Got this on a casual server, or you can set it up like how I got it- An enemy heavy healed by medics are best for this. Hit him with your bonesaw 5 times in arrow without dying or missing.

*Intern: Accumulate 7000 heal points in a single life. Once you 7000, why not go for the next 10,000 one?

*Specialist: Accumulate 10000 heal points health in a single life. Key point- do not die.

*Chief of Staff: Accumulate 1 million total heal points. This was brought down from 10 million after the gods at valve software found out that most of us players are not like Bruce almighty. Takes and really takes time to complete, no shortcuts here, though you can speed it up in the “circle of fire” as mentioned in my “Infernal Medicine” point.

*Hypocritical Oath: This depends on your luck but I happen to get this on an unlucky spy on a competition server- Kill an enemy spy (bonesaw, syringe gun) that you have been healing. The trick is to go to him and heal him when you see any spy decloak (or look suspicious) then block their retreat with your syringe gun and keep firing at them (in the air) even when they cloak up.

Medical Prevention: Save a falling teammate from dying on impact. This one is very tricky, get a demoman teammate against a long flat wall and have him damage himself till about 50% health. Then have him sticky-jump up vertically and heal him in the air (apex of the jump) before he hits the ground and dies. You need quite a few goes at this to get it right. This is harder to get being soldier though.

*Second Opinion: Very simple, but DO NOT work when you have auto-heal on checked in the multi-player options. Focus on 2 teammates preferably standing side by side and deploy your uber-charge on both on them (2 of them) only, rotating between them quickly in a circle so both of them have the uber effect together at once.

*Autopsy Report: Provide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting above their ragdoll. Simply just taunt on an enemy after you killed ’em with a clean kill (no assists).

*FYI I Am A Medic: Can be completed over time with luck as 5 spies is not too hard or simply just have the other team keep sending spies for you to finish off. Use your bonesaw to kill 5 enemy spies who have been calling for ‘Medic!’. Note the spies have to call for “Medic!” before you kill them or it won’t count.

*Family Practice: Uber-charge ten of your steam community friends. Part of a community? simply just join their game and uber them simple! No friends? make and add some!

House Call: Join a game that one of your friends is in and then deploy and uber-charge on him. Same as Family Practice ahievement as above, only that its a friend this time instead of a group member. To work, you need to enter the game from the community “friends” panel or “retry” on a server with your friend currently playing inside.

*Bedside Manner: Be healing a teammate as he achieves and achievement of his own. With medics stealing the achievement limelight, just focus your med gun on any of them during a Control Ppint setup map (goldrush, dustdowl) and you will more or less able to get one very easily on any server when the achievement frenzy spams your command prompt the moment the gate opens. It only valid only for the duration when your teammate have the achievement trophy on his head. It works for other classes too, but you are better off targeting teammate medics for now.

Thats all I have, feel free to let me know if you have gotten yours in another way or either. Cheers!

P.S: Oh yes I guess to all those grievers over the last few days in many servers mocking people on the “console command” Valve accidentally left out to unlock all your achievements prior to the hotfix update, you will notice that your achievements are all like gone now.. whahah serves ya right! Remember there is no easy way out!

Got my Ubber saw!

May 3rd 01:00am Update: I’ve got the uber saw! Apparently from my achievement list, you need not get almost all the achievements to unlock the last milestone 3. I still have Chief of Staff leftover (which can be achieved slowly over time) and my milestone 3 was just unlocked today! The uber saw is the only cool weapon in the update. The Kritzkrieg from experience do not have much of the wow factor as the old uber-charge, besides doing a good job in confusing your teammates who run into the enemy lines the moment they get charged.

Of them all, the Kritzkrieg is overall best for defense where health is not a concern but terrible at offense and as a counter-uber measure. So the best loadout for the versatile medic will have to be the new Blutsaugher syringe gun, the old medi-gun and the new Ubersaw to charge things up real quick. The damage of the new uber saw is greater too, one clean shot of an injured enemy will guarantee a kill and 25% uber boost! Nice!

Ok enough for medic for now. Hope my favorite class, the engineer will have new laser mounted tesla-coil sentry guns or spy detector building probes for the engineer achievement pack.


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