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Orange boxes, got team fortress 2!

The valve Orangebox

Had been rather busy the last few days rushing up post final year reports and some other post Spinnovex administration matters. Before you know it, its the last day of the semester with the exam weeks starting next. Good thing I do not have any modules to take this semester! Good luck to those taking (and repeating) modules this semester, for the 05 batch it’s your last push so don’t give up!

I had been itching to play Team Fortress 2 for quite sometime. Many Team Fortress Classic server are all either empty or fullof bots only- The old days are in place for the new game which in turn is more crazy and happening. Brought the orange box from Techdrome today. Met the same celebrity uncle store owner there who could not give me his usual discount, as the box was already cut down almost $15 the normal retail rate, in hand he gave me the orange box cloth mousepad for a $3 top up, so thats $68 in all, not a bad deal for 5 games in the box (though I already owned Half-life 2).

Will be taking a much needed break over my first weekend which I do not actually need to wake up early, since a month! Yea, outta bed, hello lunchtime!


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