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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Friday 13th

Hello all, its so much for the battle course this whole week, and yea long weekend! I am home now, after dinner with my parents at adam hawker center, not to mention some ice-cream thereafter. Checked out doom III at guerrilla games shop at serene center, going for $66.60, 😯 expensive! Would be waiting for the price to drop to bout $49.90. Though it may seems unlike me but I don’t see it worth to get a game which I don’t really have time to play so soon… just these busy days. Moreover, I haven’t played so many games I’ve brought over the months:

  1. IGI 2
  2. C&C Generals
  3. No one lives forever 2
  4. Simpsons hit & run
  5. Jurassic Park, Operation Genesis
  6. Comanche 4
  7. World War 3, black gold
  8. Submarine Titans.

Well at least they are good at collection dust & now residing, still wrapped in their boxes, waiting to be installed… 😕

Dang, I regretted not booking for an immediate test date after failing the other time, dang! now the next test date open would be in october… but by then my PDL would have expired, so got to freaking renew. Why is it so hard to book a test? damn BBDC only know how to make people wait, wait & eat people’s money for revision lessons. Prices for tests are $150, $100 for use of car for 100mins, $30 for warm up & $20 for the tp testers only. BBDC & SSDC – oligopolys for the driving market in Singapore :mad:, with the exceptions of private instructors…

Would be dropping down Simlim with John, Adrain & Guowei for some shopping tml. They would be building a new comp, naturally, I guess they wanted me as their hardware advisor… Mmm see how it goes then. Time for some CS now. :mrgreen:

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