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Workstation MIA

Computer MIA

Yea, you guessed that right, my personal workstation blew up today. Duh! & here I am posting for the 1st time on my family living room computer…. 🙄

My system had been acting up the past few days, restarting randomly at first, I needed to get work done but heck how can I work on a system which restarts itself anytime it feels like? Even in safe mode? Initially I thought its some graphic problem so I went to purchase a GF6600GT for a quick afforable fix, (in answer to BattleField 2 & Quake 4 too :lol:), well I guess I was wrong when the computer couldn’t post or even tell me the right amount of ram my system has! Moreover, it could only boot up into OS only after like 10-20 restarts, & it keeps forgetting system information & config & yea the restarting symptom was still eminent, then I thought my PSU was faulty – because restart equals no power? or power surge maybe?

Only after a in-depth search off the net given these unique symptoms when I found that that my MSI 648-MAX motherboard is actually capacitor fried. Well I guess hardware nowadays have very limited lifespan, due to mass production & cheap parts. Though it will usually comes a time when hardware reaches end-of-life, but not like in 4 years (or so)!

You can read more of the problem here.


  1. Yea, I remembered having a chat with a few store owners in SLS on this mobo problem, they all agreed that quite alot of models especially with the MSI & intel boards purchased around 2001-2003 have this problem. Sad to see a good board go just because of cheaper capacitors, wasted.


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