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Weekenders Work – Nil!

A day trip to Malaysia

Well its Sunday now, but I will just ramble about saturday 1st as I didn’t actually had time to talk about my day trip to Johor – Malaysia yesterday!

The whole of saturday was more of less spent at johor where dad brought us to his favorite western-chinese coffee shop some where in johore. While crossing the causeway, I learnt a few tips from dad about driving in unfamilar places (though hes actually kinda know the place at the back of his plam anyway) & car security parking like not parking openly in public carparks, best options being hotel carparks or private ones with attendants.

I had alot to catch up on Johor. It had been like ages since I crossed over the straits, with the exception of my last visit to KL early this year, otherwise umm its like since early secondary school? ahah The place certainly had many more shopping complexes, not to mention the very big ones like city square, etc & the good old holiday inn (which is renamed now). Mum & Sheena very much spent most of the bulk on shoes & clothes while I just got a simple shirt & some fashion accesories, dad was naturally got on his ever-lasting-quest to find his ultra rare bata leather shoe whenever he chance upon any of their stores. The very interesting thing any shopper will inevitable experience are the number of pirated CDs & DVD stores around, not only in shopping centers but on the streets as well, I happened to chance upon a “high class” pirated CD store in a particular big shopping center where they even had staff serve customers professionally.. whoa! talking about class! brr! I dislike especially those on the streets where they just keep mocking you even if u are not interested in their goods. The day ended with dinner at “big horse” night market where we had a scrumptious seafood meal, even the drink store aunties recognized dad as we used to be regular, after all these time, man those those were the days…

Saturday ended with a return trip after dinner, but not before filling up a full tank of gas. On our way back the we chanced upon a rather funny sight of an overloaded Honda jazz at the checkpoint area, its was so full, that it could not even clear the speed bump at the immigrations, you can guess how panicy those drivers were behind that car if it were be to stuck there in the middle of a jam. hehe

Comp Up!

Yupyup, Saturday actually started with a short trip to Simlim in the morning to purchase my new gigabtye 8IPE1000G motherboard before the johor trip, which in turn is still “not too new either”- it has AGP8x to the present PCI-16x, supports 478pins processors, very much a board to fit into my current system parts without a complete overhaul. I didn’t repair my old board as firstly its too troublesome to do it yourself, motherboards are freakin damn afforable now, lastly it actually costs $10 per capacitor if you were to replace them in a pc-clinic, (& my board have like 15 capacitors.. duh!). So all point towards a new board.

The greatest welcome are SATA support & dual channel ram slots, allowing my existing modules to go in dual channel mode & increasing memory bandwidth & speed by a considerable amount. After my bad incident with bad capacitors, I’ve introduced 2 additional fans in my system for optimum cooling over prolonged uptime, specifically one active cooler dedicated to the ram modules & the other for capacitors in “hot dead areas” aka areas of stagnant hot air. Cable ties are my best friend in case cable organisation, (why didn’t I thought of using that previously?) & they can really keep the interior clean, tidy thus allowing air to circulate more efficiently.

I would be running 3D mark 01,03&05 on my new sytem config soon, hope it can put through some reasonable scores with directx9.0c shader support my 6600GT can offer now. In the meantime, yea my system is finally up!

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