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Vertical Marathon 2005

The finisher's kit...

Well its competition time again, a time to participate & compete for the fun of it. This time, its the swissotel vertical marathon. Responses to this year’s event was so overwhelming that registrations have to be closed a month early. Luckily for me & my team we registered early. Met tiwazz, a SGrunner at the swatch shop around 6.30am, stayed & chatted for a while before its time to register for my category where I coincidentally met ahlong too, followed by kops & brokenruner at the registration booths.

Overall the race started off in groups of eight participants, flagged off at one minute intervals. I let everybody in my pack to overtake me at the start only to overtake all of them past the 20th floor 🙂 hehe evil me. From there, its up towards overtaking those from earlier flag off groups. Finished with a time of 11.43, achieving my aim of not exceeding 12.00. The interesting thing about rising so fast up a high height in a short amount of time is the lack of oxygen at high heights, coupled with the fact that the stairwell is not a very well ventilated place. Therefore the sub-set of temporarily dizziness is quite eminent in a few participants immediately after the climb. The view up there is nice, but not that eyebow raising either. A finsher’s kit consist of a personalised cert with official timing by tissot & a finisher’s medal on top of a standard free flow of redbull/mineral/spring water not to mention being able to keep our bibs as well!

Everything looks set for next year’s event. Next stop standard charted marathon!


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