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Mizuno Wave Run, Track & Field Meet

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

Mizuno Wave Run at Kovan last sunday was a one the first few leisure competitive run events of the year – being able to get the track team all together. The atmosphere is definitely an intro to the many major public competitive runs for the juniors, contrary to the previous X-ctry & Newpaper Big walk. Everything looks set towards the 1/2 marathon or marathon target for many at year end. Finished the Mizuno 10km in 50:39 after passing the finish (personal timing). This timing includes the delay taken to cross the start line & one traffic light stop in the run itself, so I guess a 46-47min timing should be a realistic actual timing, which is actually kinda cool, considering this a a terrain run with a timing close to my IVP 10000m flat event last year. Met up with SGRunners there (this race’s group is huge, you can’t miss them!) for a photo shoot at the event, surprised Bee & Renohtaram can still recognize me, hehe.

SP Track & Field Meet 2006 was on last Wednesday afternoon. With most of us from track being sports officials. The star being Mr David stealing the show with the best show of bloopers for starts. Nevertheless it was a good event with track (in the various represented schools) raking in a respectable number of medals & trophies. CLS bagged the largest overal points & took the challenge trophy (considering they are the only ones there).

SP Track & Field Meet
SP Track & Field Meet
And They are Off!
They are Off!
Looking Spanky?
Looking Spanky?
Mileage for last week (7 day period)
Long Distance Conditioning, Training 3.3km in 12min (2sets), Tuesday – 6.6km
10 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Saturday- 10km
Mizuno Waverun, Sunday – 10km
Total Mileage/week = 26.6km (89% of 30km a week target met)

Mileage for this week (7 day period)
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training, 6.5km treadmill – Monday
Sports Event – SP Track & Field Meet 2006 (Judge)
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training, no treadmill – Friday
Total Mileage/week = 6.5km (22% of 30km a week target met)



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