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Standard Chartered Marathon 06

Standard Chartered Marathon 2006

Got a mailer from SCM few days ago, guess I will share it here for those intending to run it this year.

This year could be the last year for the season Stand Chart could be organising the marathon, (Exon Mobil was the previous organiser for a few years back then). Moreover those who ran the event last year as usual will get a promo code for use in this year’s event as a mailer discount. $33.60 is really low for a professional world-class marathon (& compared to the $85 standard fee) & this is excluding further discounts if you charge the fee to your Stand Chart card. Apparel sponsor is still from Adidas, so expect some more cool running jerseys for collection on the Race Expo day, not to mention another cool new clima-dry finisher’s shirt when you complete the marathon.

Standard Chartered Marathon 2006 (SCM o6) Details:

Race Category Mailer Early Bird Promo Normal
Register By: 31 July 31th Aug 20 Sept 31 Oct
Marathon $33.60 $42.00 $75.00 $85.00
Half Marathon $30.40 $38.00 $58.00 $65.00
10km Men $28.00 $35.00 $45.00 $50.00
10km Women
Wheelies (10km) $28.00 $35.00 $45.00 $50.00
Team 10km $160.00 $200.00 $270.00 $300.00
Kids 750m Dash $8.00 $10.00 $13.00 $15.00

Race Date 3rd December, Prices are accurate as given in my Mailer.
This year’s Singapore Marathon will also be a part of the greatest race on earth (similar to that of the last).
Current response is quite good as compared to the last, remember those on the track team who want to join let me join asap so I can register for you as an early bird + standed chartered credit card discount.

Running is not a sport, its a disease! haha…


  1. Well, not for SCM marathoners hehe, we get the equvilant of $60 SGD of “free” addidas apparel too, tat provided if ya finish it. 😀

    Otherwise, be rest assured it will be a very well organised & professional event for the price you pay, *even got free run-moti-a-vation shuttle service for yr helpers!

  2. my 1st time running. would like to enquire on the singlet size. i’m of normal built and 1.75m tall. Normally wear L size T-shirts. Is their L too big? (i dun get their ‘garment chest width’…how can width be 1.11 m for their L size??). Need some feedback for previous runners. thks!

  3. wind: The running singlet from last year’s event is unisex, ie the arm openings are smaller unlike usual men’s running/basketball jerseys with big dropy holes. In other words they are quite a snug fit, esp at the upper body area.

    From what I see adidas seems to be using the same singlet this year too, based on what the promoter’s were wearing at the roadshow at raffles place not too long ago.

    Generally I also wear L for my runing jerseys. I advise you to get an at least an L for the singlet.

  4. Yes, I was searching for more information on the T-shirt sizes given by SCM. Yes the size guide is ridiculous.

    How can M be 102.5cm? If it’s the width, shouldn’t it be half of that? Does SCM actually mean Garment Chest Size, where this is measured one round the chest and back of a person?

    Please help!!! If you are wearing L, can you let me know your Chest Width as measure across your chest from end to end.

    Thanks a lot …

  5. Hi Shaun,

    This will be my first year running, anything in particular you may advise me? i.e. the most challenging part of the entire route.

    I aim to complete the race under 5 hours. let see if I can make it through. hahaha.



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