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Rock Climbing – SHOING!

SAC Rock Wall

➡ Wahha, today is the first day of our sports elective rock climbing program. Scaled the 3-4 storey flat rock wall as part of an introduction with a bit of sweat. But while doing the forward inclined rock wall… wah cannot sia, can’t even go up halfway. It’s my first time scaling a proper rock wall too (let be all the other kinds of walls I scaled in childhood… not counted!), while some in the class can just climb it effortlessly, considering it not being their first, but all for the CCA points.

I learnt with sore & throbbing arms (the hard way you say) that rock climbing is not all about shear strength, but intelligence, planning & a very conservative approach. Not meaning I do have any of those (duh!), but our coach recognised that its a natural reaction for beginners use the upper body to always pull yourself up, instead of the legs (right way), esp while climbing to safety – Climbing have to be done in a relaxed manner. No wonder my arms feel more tried than my legs! Makes me wonder so this is how some free climbers can scale steep 20 storey cliff like gorges in just 2 hours. In other words, a buff top heavy person can even lose or fail to a slinky light climber with the proper techniques. Not bad for a first try/lesson, anyway I did manage to reach the top on the “flat easy” (aka pussy) wall. Gave myself a target to conquer the wall I failed to climb today by end of the month.

😯 Think was crazy to go to the gym to do my usual 3 sets of X(20 benchpresses, 20 Weighed Ad strengtheners, 20 Tricep Free weights, 25 Pushups, 20 Shoulder presses, 20 Bicep Curls) before finishing it up 5km on the threadmill. I was not in condition to run the planned 10km distance due to insufficient sleep over the last few days & exertion over the previous rock climbing session. So I am like 5km short of my planned 30km for the week. 15km more to go, maybe I will finish the other 5km tomorrow in the gym again.

:mrgreen: Anyway congrats to Khow Ming who
failed his driving test for the 2nd time in a row, we will remember to celebrate that in class tomorrow.


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