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Self Training for the week

My DS-Trainer XI!

There wasn’t any official track & field training this week, but with upcoming events such as the New paper Big walk 2006, Moulmein CC X-Country, EdgeGames Adventure Race, SP Poly 50, RealRun 2006 (not to mention 21km AHM at end August). I need to maintain my stamina & fittness during this few weeks of relatively toned down track training with our freshmen.

Progressive training as coach wanted, training is “tough” for the freshies but not intensive enough for us seniors, so I guess that very much boils down to self-discipline for our own training. Come to think about it, since I left the army, I had not been running alot too. Used to be able to clock in at least 30-40km/week totaling about 150km/month on leisure runs, excluding company training. Things are very different after you ORD, with many other commitments, work & stuffs eating into training schedules. I guess it’s the love of running which drives most devoted athletes to the sport, despite our differences. Moreover, I get rather restless if I don’t run for a week or so. An addiction you may say.

Leisure Run Log for the week
Sunset Way Canal Route Run, Monday – 10km
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Threadmill, Wednesday – 5.1km
Tiong Bahru Park Run, Today Saturday – 15.6km
Total: Approx 30km this week (Target Met)

Didn’t get to run as intended yesterday due to evening rain, nevertheless completed 15km today. Would be finishing the week’s worth of exercise/training with a (40~50)x50m laps (or continuous laps for 1hour) swim at Delta Swimming Complex Tomorrow Morning.

On a sidenote: I think I will give the Advanced Scuba Course next week ago till next year, as the monsoon season is coming in again, not a very good time for south china sea openwater dives at Eastern Malaysia.

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