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Overnight at East Coast


Woke up at around 1pm today, skipping my usual sunday morning cardio swim. Considering being only back at home 7.30am today after an overnight stay east coast park. Very much conked out after reaching home then.

🙂 Yesterday was our track & field freshman BBQ, held at east coast. Met up with the gang at Bedok MRT where we made our way down with all our barang barang to the east coast BBQ pits via bus & foot. Almost all the seniors were there so were some of the juniors. Part of the spread includes the chicken thighs my dad prepared, together with potato chips I brought. Other interesting foods includes mushrooms, garlic bread, not to mention the usual chicken wings, hotdogs & crabsticks. We rented 4 bikes & 3 sets of roller blades overnight, given $6/bike overnight its quite good I say, not to mention an ease of convience. Night cycling is nice, quiet & peaceful at night, a moment to enjoy & appreciate too, not to mention at the bedok jetty where we spent some time on too. We found ourselves for few games of bowling around midnight. Where we cycled to & parked our bikes, (courtesy of the bowling alley owner who allowed our bikes into the complex).

Bowling at East Coast Leisure Bowl
Bowling at East Coast Leisure Bowl
The Bowl Group!
The Bowl Group!
Night Riders
Night Riders

Scored 83 for my first game & a dinky 76 tied for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th positions from the last.. haha between me, addison, elrick & weiwen. Coach & Pohfong were up against each other in the hundreds for a drink treat battle, haha best we insignificant scorers better leave them alone haha. While coach left for the night thereafter, the rest of the late night was spent on a rather interesting night cycle/blading to the ends of east coast park. In a gang of 4 Bikes & 2 Bladers (I was on blades). Naturally having never inline-skated for years, going high speed skating was quite a little clumsy at times.

Nonetheless, it was a very unreal & cool relaxing journey along the east coast park, not to mention the occasional lazy attempts to “hitch” a hook off the bikes to tow us inline-skaters along. Given surpluses in our chalet budget, we quick-booked a chalet room for $65/night for us to spend the night which came very much a welcome compared to sleeping in our tents & canvases by the beach. I didn’t bring any extra clothes so the aircon in the chalet proved to be rather useful to dry our sweaty clothes after the night blading, anyway thats what the army trains us to do right? able to sleep anywhere not matter how soiled your clothes are.

Elrick bugged us awake at around 7am, where Addison & me crawled our way to catch a cab home this morning.

:mrgreen: Oh yea, recieved an email confirming my rock climbing program starting next week. Tomorrow.. maybe I should go for a 10km run after gym at school to shed all the calories taken last night…


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