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Opps there comes gravity, back to reality…

Caught up with revision over the weekend. Guess its wake up, study study, eat, bath, study study from now on.. Recieved a call from Shuppedo regarding the 01S22 SAJC class of 2001 gathering the coming Friday, haiz might not be able to make it due to papers on that day & the week after. When I told matters could be worst, I might need to also reject my Primary School Class outing soon too. Bgwwhh! Not to mention Mum’s invitational Fireworks function next Tuesday night… Sorry Gals & Guys, da dude’s nerdy *takes out thick nerd like glasses* duh now, chill-out nights are little off now… Haha no-life-mode now… duh!

Semester 3 Exams

Almost splatted flat on the table after finishing the Thermofluids revision tutorial, only to try to raise another finger at getting few Engineering Maths sample papers cleared. Good thing that all my projects are done now this semester. But the funny thing is that I am the only one in class who actually got every assignment done & handed up. Why? things are very different in my present class, there is no mood to study at all, most like to do is just play game on mofunzone.com everyday, if not it’s DOTA or gunbound.

My class as of now:
I kinda miss my previous class of DME/25 at least we were a good study bunch not to mention more disciplined, that really set the mood to study, not to mention friendly competition (& at least there were 3 girls in that class too, compared to NADA now). When the classes split in Sem 3, & I was streamed to CIE class, many thought that my new class was the “elite class”, where I was brought too to more “compatible arena”.

Latter were they wrong. Things are much more challenging now – if it is not self-studies & pushing myself to standards purely on personal discipline without any class benchmarks at all, it’s helping others in the class who really needs it most, so that they won’t slack & die, not to mention happily managing leadership roles in 3 of my project groups (GEMS, Workshop & Product design). Nevertheless, contacts & studies are still strong with my other class, where I can at least maintain a frequency of studies.

Yes, its a very challenging Semester with my goal to get at least 5 Ds (Aim 6) this semester to maintain the standard, currently it seems bright for 3 modules already, GEMS, PDD & hopefully DTS, aiming to bag the rest in CAD, CAM, MECH & THERMO. I feel completely out of place, not to mention having to set my own pace of study & not be distracted by them or adhere to their pace of study, which can be rather detrimental to me as a whole.

Ultimately, given the dire situations, there are limits to who I can help & teach in class as well, thus a few inevitable & selective principles I’ve set: Help those who want to help themselves, IOW I will help those who want & are willing to strive & learn. Yes, situations are a little extreme in my class, with students missing 70% of attendance, not doing any e-learning at all or any assignment. But I just have to make do with what I have. I know people who blame their lousy teachers for lousy grades, not knowing that they are the one who can make the difference, that is the model I am embarking this semester.

Out of the ashes will rise the Phoenix.

After closing the books for the day, killed stress by going relaxing 15km run in the evening. Came back fresher, not to mentiona with lots of flatulence!

Revised Millege for the week (7 day period)
SP Gym 3+1 Sets Weight Training, no threadmill – Tuesday
Sunset Way Canal Route 9km -Wednesday
SP Gym 2+1 Sets Weight Training, no threadmill – Wednesday
SP Gym 3+1 Varied Weight Training + 5.2km treadmill – Friday
15 rounds Tiong Bahru park, Sunday- 15km
Total Mileage/week = 29.2km (97% of 30km a week target met)


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