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Darius Birthday BBQ at The Caribbean

The Caribbean

And here is it, the 29th and it’s track mate Darius birthday party. Held similarly at his “second home” The Caribbean at the habourfront as that of last year. For those who have no clue of the The Caribbean, it’s a joint built on the Keppel bay which, by Singapore standards, offer venice styled canals with constuction sand barges and dark foul smelling seawater in front of your homes? Well if that’s your definition of luxury hehe.

Met up with the track gang in the late afternoon who was already at Vivo shopping for presents. They’ve got a Bon Jovi CD for him actually intended to get full running attire set (dry pants and running top) at the Nike by BIRD shop, but in the end we we decided to get only the running shorts so we can use our $50 voucher (the pants aint cheap either) and settled for a freshbox skull-top Shirt- something very much more of the birthday boy’s taste than the running simple running top design. Got all the presents wrapped and packed together at the precious tots gift shop, topped by Kat’s hand made DOMO card, haha cute! In total theres about 10 of us sharing the total cost of $100++ for all the presents.

Butt too friction-y Can't Slide!
I can’t go down!
Games of Basketball
1/2 court Basketball
Food and BBQ

The party this year is definately much better than the last, though being smaller as well- all to avoid the crowd segregation in last year’s party. The gang played 1/2 court basketball (the biggest court there duh) till dark while the rest of us rush up “hidden” from the birthday boy to finish decorating and signing the DOMO card. The smaller group is easier to manage this year and food was aplenty too! Besides the Lamb chops, cheese dogs and BBQ Squid, love especially the steaks and curry chicken! There was no late night Tennis like last year but we had a night walk round the area thereafter, before heading back before 11.30pm where everybody can get back before the last bus/train leaves.

DOMO Kun -ism!
The DOMO dissected...
Inside DOMO!
Happy Birthday Darius!

Happy Birthday Darius… haah enjoy the last of teen years, cus you won’t be 19 next year!

PS: sorry for the horrible photos in this post, my camera phone is just simply blind at night.


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