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Blacktap Burgers Marina Bay Sands

Blacktap Burgers Craft Burgers & Beer is a premium gourmet burger restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands shopping complex. They serve a variety of hand-crafted premium burgers which are surprisingly affordable with a menu offering of really crazy dessert shakes to boot. Blacktap is riding on one of the fast growing burger joint segments in Singapore.

We had seen other players in the scene such as Fat Burgers, Wolf burgers and even veterans such as Fat boys. Now, come Black Tap burger joint. Let’s do a dine-in today and check out what’s on offer at Blacktap Burgers Marina Bay Sands.

Blacktap right in the heart of Marina Bay Sands
Blacktap right in the heart of Marina Bay Sands

Moreover, the establishment is located the west entrance of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Restaurant seating comprises of booth-like areas right on the mall common walkway area.

Also, the establishment is split into two distinct sectors, one with a bar here the kitchen resides, and the other with restaurant booth and tabled seating. Notably, you can often see service staff pacing up and down serving meals between this seating booth and the kitchens across this path way.

Affordable burgers in an expensive neighbourhood

The thing to go for here are their Craft burgers. Going on the tried and tested American-style burgers and shakes combination in a chill sit-down waited restaurant setting.

Bar seating
Menu offerings
Some crazy shakes!

Additionally, what strikes me most of Blacktap Burgers are affordable premium menu offerings. Despite being located in the up-market marina bay sands, Blacktap Burgers menu offerings is somewhat about the $20-30 mark per meal per person. This puts it just above the price range of most gourmet burger restaurants. Also, you get the usual bells and whistles of MBS points collection and redemption.

Also, notably, the establishment is often packed on weekends. A good way to avoid the crowds is to arrive past peak dinner periods (6-8pm). The lack of crowds does make your dining and service experience tad a lot better. Also, if you do not mind having dinner or supper from 9pm to 10pm onwards. The restaurant opens till late, tied to the mall’s 11.30pm closing time.

What’s on the menu

Blacktap craft burgers are wholesome and offers quite a sizeable meal. The Burgers are your typical American burgers, grilled large patties of your choosing, laced with sauce and dripping. The bread buns are nicely toasted and comes served with a large bed of fries as a side. Also, their burgers revolve around permutations of their Beef or Lamb patties. You have a choice of done-ness of your beef burgers. You can’t go wrong with medium rare.

Blacktap Burgers are your typical American burgers, grilled large patties of your choosi
Cantonese BBQ Burger ($24). Blacktap offers your typical American burgers, with grilled large patties cooked to your choosing.

Recommendations includes their all-American burger ($22) their lettuce, tomatoes and pickles are really fresh. With hints of melted cheese and Blacktap “special sauce” which I found tasted like BBQ sauce. Your burger veges servings could be so large, it is served kinda disassembled on your platter.

The hand-crafted burger patty is a juicy joy. Cooked to done-ness you require
The hand-crafted burger patty is a juicy joy. Cooked to done-ness you require.

In addition, their craft burgers are all assembled by hand in the kitchens. The patties are really juicy and wholesome. They are loosely packed with low binders, giving a lasagna-type texture. It is a typical traits of hand-made patties. Also, you can notice the colour gradient of the done-ness of your patty.

Look at the juiciness of the burgers
Look at the juiciness of the burgers.

Furthermore, being a burger joint, undoubtedly there are more adventurous menu offerings. If you demand something tad more out of the ordinary, there is their Cantonese BBQ Burger ($24) and their Chilli Cheese ($24). Also, their most premium offering is their Greg Norman ($26), a ½ pound wagyu beef with buttermilk-dill.

A side-fest

All their burgers comes with fries with the option to upgrade your sides to a choice of Onion rings, sweet potato fries or house salads for $2 extra. It is a recommended upgrade. Recommendations be their sweet potato fries, though they are not as versatile to go well with their selections of sauces on offer.

You know that's something when your sides take up more space on your plate than your burger
All-American Burger ($22). You know that’s something when your sides take up more space on your plate than your burger!

Moreover, if sauces are what you crave, the default traditional French fries is the way to go. Their fries are not overly oily and served as a heap on your plate. If you have a small appetite you might consider sharing your fries between your table. Topping up the menu offerings are craft burger salads, sandwiches (around the $20 price range) and wings (10 pieces for $13).

Some really crazy (very filling) shakes

In addition, a selling point here at Blacktap burgers are their Milkshakes. Burgers are not the only interesting item on the menu includes a selection of milkshake and their crazy shakes. Their regular shakes with a selection of standard flavors cost $12. However, their crazy shakes are somewhat you should be here per.

That is alot to take in just on what's plastered onto your crazy shakes
That is alot to take in just on what’s plastered onto your crazy shakes.

Additionally, Blacktap Burgers Crazy shakes are essentially Milkshake on steroids. They are loaded with several additional condiment usually plastered onto what you get as a standard milkshake offering. Which also makes them very Instagram-able. The giant shakes are quite a filling affair and provides for quite a heavy meal when paired with the already large servings of burgers and fries.

The milkshakes are really filling and costs as much as a meal too!
Cookie Shake ($19). The milkshakes are really filling and costs as much as a meal too!

Selections includes their Cookies and Cream supreme ($20). It comes additionally topped with Oeros and chocolate drizzle. Their $19 selections such as Cookie Shake (cookie crumbles) and Brooklyn blackout (chocolate and brownie fest). Also, quirky selections includes their Sour Power ($22) and Cotton candy ($22), where your vanilla milkshake glass is covered with rock candy or sour gummies stuck onto them.

Blacktap Burgers Crazy shakes are essentially Milkshake on steroids

Notably, the milkshake bar sits square in the centre of the restaurant. Also you can also see your shakes being made at the crazy shake counter in front of the kitchens too. Being a bar, on offer are a selection of IPAs and housepours.

Blacktap restaurant shake bar
Blacktap restaurant shake bar.

Meal cost can quickly add up

It pays to watch what you order here as cost can quickly add up. Moreover, it is also worth noting that their crazy shakes costs as much as a main Burger course. Of course, this effectively doubles your meal cost, so expect to pay in the range of at least $55 per person for a Burger with Crazy shakes here. For most of us, a regular burger with plain shake or beer will set you back in the more affordable $40/pax. Also, sharing of shakes are allowed and recommended.

All in all Blacktap Burgers at Marina Bay Sands was a quite a joy to dine in. The establishment offers really affordable good-quality burgers premium burgers, with a good chill ambience to boot. Prices are somewhat still affordable despite being in an expensive neighbourhood. Though it pays to watch you order, especially shakes as prices can add up pretty quickly.


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Blacktap Burgers Marina Bay Sands
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Ave #L1-80, Bay Level,
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
Singapore 018956
Opens daily: 11am–11:30pm

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