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Fish and Chicks Western Food

Fish and chicks is a value western food store tucked in a coffeeshop located within the Ang Mo Kio district. They serve their trademarked fried battered fish and chicken. Let’s take a dine-in at the western grill outlet.

Lets take a dine-in at Fish and chicks with a choice of fish and chips (left) or Fried chicken (right)
Lets take a dine-in at Fish and chicks with a choice of fish and chips (left) or Fried chicken (right).

Notably, on dining ambience, the outlet we are dining in today is located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. They are tucked in the western food section of a coffeeshop, sharing the dining areas with other coffeeshop patrons. Thinking about it, the coffeeshop location is tad like a throwback to Collins Western and Botak Jones western food which popularised the informal dining concept. Also, Fish and Chicks has two more other coffeeshop branches operating out of Woodlands and Telok Blangah in the south too.

Chicken and fish specialist

Fish and chicks as the name suggest specializes in western grill covering grille fish and chicken. Moreover, the fish in question here is of the fired and battered fish and chips kind. Also, to go with this, their other main selling point are the variety of home-made local-favourite sauces which goes with your dish.

Tale of two Fishes split by straight cut fries at Fish and Chicks
Tale of two Fishes with best of both worlds Fish and chips with both chilli crab sauce, salted egg sauce ($13.90).

Furthermore, recommended items include their Grilled chicken, and their Fish and Chips as the next runner up. On their menu too is a selection of rice dishes, tad like chicken rice if may. Food is promptly prepared and self-served via call buzzers given to you after ordering.

Ok, on the food, their food offerings I found were adequate, but not great. Also, their fish and chip fillet sizes tad lacking in size, though the batter is tight and crispy. This is without being too “airy”, giving a false impression of the actual fish fillet size. Much of the plate space promptly is filled up with run of the mill straight cut fries.

Crispy straight cit fries which comes paired standard with your meal
Crispy straight cit fries which comes paired standard with your meal.

However, I felt their fish fillet sizes could be much bigger. Also, the fish fillet within is tad creamy though rather mushy within too. Its tad like their fillets are not quite well-thawed completely before deep frying. Thankfully, the fillet does not have any uncooked parts, still, it is not the worst fish and chips I tried.

Fish and Chick's Fish and chips with salted egg sauce ($10.90)
Fish and Chick’s Fish and chips with salted egg sauce ($10.90).

Try their fried chicken

In addition, I found their chicken fillets are adequately sized and are pretty much the better offerings of the store. Here, you have a choice of simple grilled chicken along the likes a variety of 4 sauce toppings and a deep fired cutlet option priced from $8.50, and up to $12.90 for a full spring chicken meal. Also, interestingly, on their menu are also steaks striploin 200g ($12.90), though Beef Steaks are not quite the establishment’s forte.

Fish and chicks Crispy chicken is one of the safe options for quality and quantity, for a well-priced $8.50
Fish and chicks Crispy chicken is one of the safe options for quality and quantity, for a well-priced $8.50.

Paired with local sauce favourites

If there is anything worth making up for the lack lustre fish, would be their sauces. Also, it does take a fair bit of ingenuity to stand out in the rather crowded western grill market in Singapore. This is largely ruled by local favourites such as Aston specialties and Collins grille and bento when they started out from the hawker coffeeshop scene too.

Also, notable Fish and chicks sauce trademarks on offer includes chili crab, salted egg yolk, and curry cheese. The first two flavors taking my choice recommendations to go with your meal. These two flavours are local favourites which pretty much took Singapore by storm over the past couple of years and popularised in potato chips.

Pretty authentic chilli crab sauce

Moreover, Fish and Chicks chilli crab sauce is indeed the real deal, they are generously poured over your fish fillet. Also, the fillet however, are pretty small in size especially if you opt for the double sauce flavours, where you just get two equally small fish fillets. It is quite a disappointment and the meal with the fries does not fill you up at all.

Salty egg
Chili crab

Additionally, if you are undecided on sauce selections, you can have the best of both world with a choice of 2 meat fillets with 2 sauces at $13.90 total for one dish. Furthermore, notably, their fish and chips are not comparable in size to the British-style ones we previously tried at Smith’s Fish and Chips at Bukit Timah.

But still, Fish and Chicks offerings are more reasonably priced at close to half the price offerings. Notably their Ang Mio Kio outlet is near the Fuhua Soya Bean store we visited at the nearby Blk 588C food center here.

All in all, that wraps up our dine-in at Fish and Chicks western at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 district. Their sauces being their biggest selling point, with dishes to go for here being their chicken first, and followed by their fish and chips. One good for a shortlist.


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Makan Place Locality Map

Fish and Chicks
Blk 531 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10,
#01-2429 Happy Hawkers, 560531
Opening Hours: 11am– 9:30pm


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