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Perghi Chicks chicken Bali Lane

Perghi Chicks is an authentic Malaysian style mamak eating place serving their trademarked chicken wings, fillets and value rice plates at Bali Lane. Let’s check them out at their store with a dine-in.

Moreover, Perghi Chicks used to operate in Malaysia and have their restaurant right here in Bali lane, located just off Arab street. Bringing along them is their Percik Chicken. They started in 1999 as pioneers of the local pasar malam scene, touted as a must-have during Ramadan in Singapore. Percik is a Malaysian-style spicy roast chicken typically made and marinated flavoured with a blend of ginger, clove garlic, onions and lemongrass.

Perghi Chicks store front along Bali lane
Perghi Chicks store front along Bali lane.

Also, Bali lane is known for lines of café, restaurants and a pretty buzzing nightlife in this part of town. Also, the interior has a Malaysian eatery vibe too, with an eccentric colour combination not typical in Singapore. You dine on wooden tables and served cutlery by the rattan basket. It adds to an interesting the out-of-Singapore feel.

A tale of two chickens

Furthermore, Perghi Chicks chicken is available in two flavors- Percik Chicken or Honey BBQ flavours. The restaurant is tucked in a five-foot classic walkway shophouse. The interior is not air-conditioned, but is well ventilated by fans. Recommended menu items include permutations of their Chicken Wings, available in either Percik Chicken or Honey BBQ flavours, a Malaysian delicacy.

The spread at Perghi Chicks with a selection of rice dishes in their two notable savory sauces
The spread at Perghi Chicks with a selection of rice dishes in their two notable savory sauces.

For quick starters, you can go straight for their honey BBQ wings, costing $15 for 6 pieces. Also, their BBQ Chicken fillet chop cost $4.80. The same is also offered for their Percik line, with wings $15 and Percik Chop (also $4.80). Perghi Chicks BBQ sauce is almost like the colour and consistency of brown sauce which is served in generous servings over your grilled chicken.

In addition, the Percik sauce is much thicker, but with an orange hue to it. It is also notably more tangy spicy. You do need a strong stomach to take the dish at its standard spiciness level.

Perghi Chicks Percik sauce is spicy, though you can have a control of the spiciness level. It could be tad overhwelming for those with low spicy tolerance
Perghi Chicks Percik sauce is spicy, though you can have a control of the spiciness level. It could be tad overhwelming for those with low spicy tolerance.

Also, you have the option to adjust the spiciness levels, do let the counter staff know when ordering. The base spiciness level is adequate without being overwhelming. Though I would recommend asking for a less spicy serving which the kitchen is more than willing to oblige.

Try Perghi Chicks chicken with rice

Furthermore, if you need a more filling option are Perghi Chicks selection of Chicken rice set meals of wings or chops is the one to go for here. You get generous servings of salad, potato wedges and rice. It makes for quite a hearty meal. Also, the accompanying rice is blue (Nasi Kerabu), it is made by preparing the rice from the petals of Clitoria ternatea (butterfly-pea) flowers, also known as Bunga Telang.

Blue rice

Moreover, their Honey BBQ rice set comes with two wings priced at $8.90 per plate, which is reasonable for the portions. Their Honey BBQ chop ($8.90) is also priced similarly if you prefer a more bone-less dish with a chicken breast fillet. Also, the same is on the Percik end too. You have a choice of your Percik chicken with Wings $8.90 or Percik boneless chicken Chop. Both are similarly priced at $8.90 and served with salad potato wedges and rice.

Chicken chop with BBQ brown sauce
Chicken chop with BBQ brown sauce.

Additionally, their potato wedges are thick and light to the touch without being too oily. They appear to be home-made too. Also, their accompanying salad are fresh and, a mix of cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. It is quite a hearty yet premium salad mix for the price. However, I found the chicken tad on the dry side, though still adequate, but made up with dousing of lots of sauce makes up for it.

Wrapping up

Also wrapping up on the menu are Ramly-style burgers at and affordable $3.20 with Beef, chicken or crispy chicken options. Traditional mamak drinks like lime juice, bandang, milo, coffee and teas.

All in all, for the price point Perghi Chicks offers great value for the quality and portions even rivaling incumbents like Astons Specialty and Collins western grille and bento. Also, their dishes revolve around their Honey BBQ and Percik chicken which has a nice local and kampung touch to it. An enjoyable meal, though it might not be something you would eat everyday given how rich the dish is. Perghi Chick’s Bali Lane store is opened 10am- 10pm, and closed every Monday.


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Perghi Chicks Makan Place Locality Map

Perghi Chicks
23 Bali Lane,
Singapore 189859
Opening Hours: 10am- 10pm
Closed on Mondays


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