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Little Tokio Tampines Dine-in

Little Tokio is a delightful Japanese eatery tucked away in the charming Tampines Street 81 HDB estate just off Avenue 1 near Tampines Polytechnic. I had the opportunity to experience their dinner dine-in service and explore the offerings of this small restaurant.

The food spread here at Little Tokio Tampines.
The food spread here at Little Tokio Tampines.

Taking inspiration from the renowned Little Tokyo, Little Tokio focuses on serving a range of Japanese comfort food, including street favorites and grilled favourites like yakitori sticks. The restaurant’s mission is to provide affordable and satisfying meals to its patrons.

A cosy little Japanese eatery

You be greeted by Little Tokio cosy and intimate atmosphere. The restaurant is not large in size, being situated in a single HDB groundfloor shophouse unit. Also, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. While the indoor area is air-conditioned, providing respite from the tropical heat, I found the outdoor area more inviting due to its open-air ambiance.

Welcome to Tampines HDB heartlands
Welcome to Tampines HDB heartlands.

However, if you prefer a cooler dining experience, the indoor section is a viable choice. It is worth noting that the indoor area can become a bit stuffy, especially when the kitchen serves sizzling hotplates where the indoor area can get rather smoky. Nevertheless, the overall setting is comfortable, catering to groups of 4-6 people. For smaller groups or individuals who don’t mind sitting outdoors, securing a table is relatively easy.

Teppanyaki hotplates and Yakimono grills

Moreover, Little Tokio caters to different preferences and appetites with its diverse menu. For those seeking a fulfilling individual meal, the Teppanyaki hotplates and Yakimono grilled food sets are excellent choices. These dishes, served on sizzling hotplates, offer a combination of flavors and textures that leave you craving for more.

Dining in here at Little Tokio Tampines.
Dining in here at Little Tokio Tampines.

Also, the Teppanyaki hotplates present a range of options, from the indulgent Wagyui Beef priced at $25.90 to the more affordable Saba fish Shioyaki at $12.90. The latter option features a succulent grilled mackerel seasoned with a delicate touch of salt. The hotplates encompass a variety of meats, including pork, beef, prawns, and chicken, ensuring that every palate is satisfied.

Hotplate Gyu Beef ($14.90), served with rice to complete your meal
Hotplate Gyu Beef ($14.90), served with rice to complete your meal.

The rice Don sets at Little Tokio also come highly recommended. With their generous portions and delectable toppings, these sets provide a complete and satisfying meal. The price range for these sets falls between S$15 and S$20, offering great value for money.

Hotplate Tori Momo Chicken thigh ($12.90).
Hotplate Tori Momo Chicken thigh ($12.90).

Additionally, for a personal dish, the Yakimono grilled food sets are priced from the Japanese Mackerel (Saba) or Chicken set at $12.90, to Wagyu beef steak set at $23.90. Each set meal is thoughtfully accompanied by optional sides such as udon, shredded cabbage, and slices of vegetable condiments.

Hotplate Saba Shioyaki ($12.90)
Large chicken chunks
Yakitori sticks

Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose between sticky rice and udon as their main staple. You also have the option to pair your Teppanyaki as a set meal with miso soup, rice and condiments for an additional $2.

Fresh oysters and grilled yakitori for sharing

Half Dozen oysters, a surprising yet great offering here at Little Tokio
Half Dozen oysters, a surprising yet great offering here at Little Tokio.

Also, if you’re dining with a group, Little Tokio has enticing large plate options for sharing. The fresh Sanriku Oysters, priced at $18.90 for half a dozen, are a treat for seafood lovers. These plump and briny oysters are perfect for indulging in a communal culinary experience. Another sharing option that shouldn’t be missed is the yakitori sticks. The menu offers a choice of a 5 or 10 skewer platter.

Yakimono skewers priced ($25.90) a delightful assortment of juicy chicken, golden mushrooms and wagyu beef balls.
Yakimono skewers priced ($25.90) a delightful assortment of juicy chicken, golden mushrooms and wagyu beef balls.

I particularly recommend the ten-stick Yakimono skewers priced at $25.90. This platter features a delightful assortment of items, including juicy chicken, golden mushrooms, wagyu beef balls, quail eggs, and flavorful chicken cheese sausages. For an additional $2, premium items like Unagi (Eel), boiled scallops, or Saikoro Wagyu Beef cubes can be added to elevate the dining experience.

Sharing dishes
Fresh Salmon

Try their fresh sashimi

In addition to their enticing cooked dishes, Little Tokio also presents fresh sashimi options. Whether you prefer salmon or swordfish, you can indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of these delicacies. Also, the sashimi offerings start at 5 pieces for $5.90, making it an affordable choice for sashimi enthusiasts.

Fresh Sashimi slices ($5.90) for a plate of five
Fresh Sashimi slices ($5.90) for a plate of five pieces.

Additionally, for those who want to experience a variety of flavours, the Sashimi Moriawase is a perfect choice. Priced at $12.90, this platter includes slices of salmon, swordfish, and oysters, providing a delightful ensemble of tastes and textures. Notably, while tuna is not available on their menu, the other sashimi options more than compensate for it.

All in all, Little Tokio is a hidden gem in Tampines, offering not only delicious food but also a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The combination of good food, a chill ambiance, and reasonable prices makes it an ideal spot for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Whether you’re seeking a personal meal, a shared feast, or simply a delightful sashimi experience or Japanese comfort food, Little Tokio is one to shortlist in the Tampines neighbourhood.


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Little Tokio Locality Map

824 Tampines Street 81, #01-22,
Singapore 520824
Opening Hours: 11:30am– 10 pm Daily


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