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JW360 Jewel Changi airport Suju Masayuki

JW360° (called Japan Way Three Sixty) is a one-stop 3-in-1 concept store featuring Japanese snack, dining and café outlet located at Changi Jewel Singapore. You might remember the Jewel as the new shiny shopping mall built right in the right of the multi-terminal airport complex. For this, I shall focus more on the dine-in experience of their Suju Masayuki restaurant. Let’s check it out Jw360 jewel with a dine-in.

Welcome to JW360 at Changi Jewel
Welcome to JW360 at Changi Jewel.

As introduced, the JW360 comprises of three separate establishments. Namely the main restaurant which goes by the name of Suju Masayuki, a coffeehouse operated by JW360 and lastly a retail gift shop which goes by the name of Nomono.

Moreover, JW360° is the brainchild of JRE GF Food Services. It is formed between SEABD and Mitsui & Co. Operation of the outlet is managed by Fonz International and EJRT Asia. The entrance of the restaurant sits the Nomono gift shop. The JW360° café is a forward mall-facing kiosk, offering a selection of cakes, ice-cream as. Prices of drinks typically cost about $7-$8 per cup. Tea, coffee. Also, do try their Matcha ice cream, it originates from Japan.

Suju Masayuki restaurant

Furthermore, on restaurant entry, you pass by a bar seating area before entering the restaurant sitting area towards the rear of the establishment. Here, there are a mix of tabled seating good for small and large groups. Also, the restaurant itself is decked in typical pure Japanese Zen wood. It is minimalistic with its own dedicated dining area.

Interior bar area of Jw360 jewel
Interior bar area of Jw360 jewel.

Additionally Nomono is an in-house brand. It is originally established by JR East rail company in Japan. They are pop-up store typically found in Japan’s busy JR Rail terminals. Also, they are great for quick pop-in purchases of specialty sweets, local sake and processed goods to introduce “Japan’s finest” of food, snacks and souvenirs sourced from different prefectures of Japan.

Moreover, the Japanese Restaurant here touts to providing authentic tastes and memorable experiences. It comprises of several mainstream as well as premium fine dining choices. Also, their menu is pretty comprehensive, comprising of a large selection of delicious local specialties and staples such as Tonkatsu, Nabe, Yaki (fried) and Yoshoku (Japanese western food) selections.

Nabe collagen pot stews served at Jw360 jewel
Nabe collagen pot stews served at Jw360 jewel. Lets take a look at it in more detail.

Nabe collagen hotpot soups

Additionally, if collagen soups are up your fancy, Suju Masayuki udon nabe is a worthy recommendation. Also, they are typically served as a large heated pot with sides of rice and salad. Choices includes Gindara Miso Nabe ($32). Notably, it is essentially a very comforting hot pot with black cod, udon, vegetables and lots of mushrooms.

Nabe set
Nabe set.

Furthermore, more affordable choices includes their $26 Tori Miso Chicken and Vegetable Nabe and Buta Miso Nabe ($28). Also, the hot pot is loaded with pork, udon and vegetables, seasoned with 2 years aged and spicy miso. More premium and expensive options featuring Wagyu also includes their Beef Cheek miso nikomi ($54) and Sendai Wagyu Sukiyaki Nabe ($68).

Tori Miso Chicken and Vegetable Nabe pot
Tori Miso Chicken and Vegetable Nabe pot ($26).

Frankly, you be good with the standard Fish and Chicken Nabe, it offers a good balance of quantity and price, without breaking the bank.

Deep fried goodness

Moreover, Tempura and Katsu fans will rejoice at the options available here at Suju. You get the usual fan fair of fried pork cullet (a popular staple), chicken (Tori) and salmon. Starting up, you can’t go wrong with a chicken Japanese staple.

Grillled Salmon goodness
Grillled Salmon goodness.

Hence, do try their Chicken Nanba Deep-fried juicy chicken with tartar sauce ($26) or their Shake Shio Yaki Grilled salmon belly ($25). Also, there is their Torimomo Shichimi Yaki Grilled chicken with sea salt served with Japanese pepper ($25). Priced at $25, these are more affordable options in this section. Besides their all-vegetable (Yasai) Tempura at $22 or their Chicken (Tori) and Vegetable (Yasia) Tempura ($24).

Rice set
Beef steak

Also, recommended more premium options includes their Deep-fried Japanese Pork Loin Cutlet ($36). This is a must-try but also one of the more pricey options. Moreover, options with varieties includes Torimomo Kurozu Itame. It comprises of Deep-fried Chicken and Vegetables sautéed with Suju’s black vinegar ($28). Additional menu selections includes Shoga Yaki Stir-fried Japanese Pork seasoned with ginger and soy sauce ($28).

More Tonkatsu Goodness

Additionally, topping up their fired goodness is their Tori & Yasai Tempura ($24). These are chicken thigh tempura, but they also have the usual prawns and full vegetables options on the menu. Moreover, if you can’t decide, there are mixed Katsu offerings comprising of Pork, Chicken, Pork & Chicken, Shrimp Croquette with tartar sauce ($34). Additionally, any Japanese staple can’t go without their rice Dons. Suju Masayuki price range is similarly offered by Imakatsu Singapore at $21 to $27 per dish. Options here range from Chicken katsu to Yasai don.

Go for their seasoned rice, it is similarly priced at regular rice but more tasty. It tad lacks in portions though
Go for their seasoned rice, it is similarly priced at regular rice but more tasty. It tad lacks in portions though.

On Tonkastu options,their deep fried oyster ($30) recommendation great for sharing. Also, wrapping up the selections is their Teisyoku Japanese set meals. These are wholesome set course meals typically served with white rice or seasoned rice, with miso soup and pickles. Notably, the Japanese Teishoku dining is based on the ichiju-issai (or “one soup, one side”).

Yoshoku western food

Lastly, if you demand something tad more conventional is their selection of Western-influenced (Yoshoku) cooking which originated during the Meiji Restoration. Recommendations includes their Beef Steak and Beef Chuck with Teriyaki ginger sauce ($42). Popular includes Hamburg Steak $42, Chicken and seafood Doria Tomato Flavored Rice Casserole at $24 and $32 respectively.

Beef steak is a take on mainstream Western food, but with a Japanese style
Beef steak is a take on mainstream Western food, but with a Japanese style.

All in all, JW360° invites customers to explore the amazing diversity of Japan. JW360 Jewel Changi airport at its core is Japanese restaurant at a rather affordable price point, with additional elements or a café and retail store (Nomono).


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Suju Masayuki at JW360 Locality Map
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd, #01 – 223 224 / 225,
Singapore 819666
Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm




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