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Pink Fish Changi Jewel

Pink Fish a casual fast food chain serving rather great quality European staple dishes in the heart of Singapore’s international airport. The establishment is located on the first basement of Changi Airport Jewel mall we visited previously on its opening day. Notably, it sits beside the HSBC rain vortex “flushing bowl”, and a floor above the popular A&W restaurant we dined at a year ago.

Pink Fish Changi Jewel at the basement of Changi Airport Jewel mall
Pink Fish at the basement of Changi Airport Jewel mall. You can’t miss it!

Moreover, Pink Fish puts your head around the concept of healthy fast food. Unlike Subway sandwiches offerings, I am glad to report that the claim of healthy food here is indeed the case here.

Pink Fish Changi Jewel offers european fast food served fresh from the counter, made to order
It European fast food served fresh from the counter, made to order.

Having said that, in typical fast-food style, you place you orders on a counter where they are made to order and served to you at your table. Additionally, service is fast and prompt and your dishes are served within 10 minutes tops for a table of 4.

A must for salmon lovers

Furthermore, on Pink Fish menu is a selection of burgers and rice dishes, with Salmon being their focal point. Also, their selling point are their fresh Salmon, served mainstream as a staple, it does changes the way you think about salmon as an exotic food.

You dishes at pink fish changi jewel are served on small neat metal trays with sustainable cutlery
You dishes are served on small neat metal trays with sustainable cutlery.

Moreover, Pink Fish finds it Norwegian roots as one being hemmed by Geir Skeie. He is the founder and award-winning Chef. Notably, the establishment international flavors are inspired by Skeie’s overseas trips.

Burger choices

Starting up are their less Norwegian selections. On burger selections, recommendations includes their American BBQ burger and the Singaporean Burger. All burgers comes with a 100% Norwegian grilled salmon patty and starts at $9.90.

Pink Fish American BBQ burger
American BBQ burger from $9.90.

Additionally, recommendations includes their American burger loaded with pickles, colesaw, onion cheddar and BBQ sauce. Also, conventional choices also includes their Black Pepper burger topped with black pepper sauce, and mango salsa.

Your burgers are served with chips (not fries) and a soft drink
Your burgers are served with chips (not fries) and a soft drink.

I found the salmon patties being the best selling point of the burgers. The rest of it however, is pretty much plain vanilla sliced cheese and lettuce slices. At least the ingredients are fresh.

A local twist

Moreover, there are local takes on their European dishes too, like spicy sauces, and the Singaporean burger is loaded with Sambal slaw, pickled onion, cucumber and salted egg. It is quite a mix. Their burgers are plain, neat and cleanly packed. It has quite a sterile feel to it, though the sliced cheese (instead of melted cheddar) does cheapen the burgers tad bit.

Singaporean burger ($9.90) loaded with Sambal slaw, pickled onion, cucumber and salted egg
Singaporean burger ($9.90) loaded with Sambal slaw, pickled onion, cucumber and salted egg.

Also, in pure European fashion, where environment and sustainability is key. All dishes and cutlery are paper-based composable. Thankfully, they are not flimsy or difficult to use. Additionally, the fish is from a responsibly farmed source and creatively presented in salads, wraps, burgers, and soups.

Pink Fish Changi Jewel dining area
Pink Fish Changi Jewel dining area.

Additionally, Pink Fish dining tables are fitted with power outlets. Dedicated seating is available across of the store kitchen with a mix of tabled, booth and high table seating. Notably, Wi-Fi is readily available on its premises.

European “Cai fun”

Additionally, if you love Japanese Salmon Sashimi, a recommendation would be their rice bowls or “Poke”. They are essentially what I like to call European “Cai fun”- a hawker rice staple here in Singapore typically served with a choice of meat and vegetable servings on a bed of rice. Here, your Norweigan “Cai fun” is served in three sizes starting at $10.90 for small, $14.90 for medium and up to $18.90 for the largest.

Japanese Poke $18.90 in large size serving portions
Japanese Poke $18.90 in large size serving portions.

Also, the same can be called for “cai fun” here at Pink Fish too. Your salmon (meats) are served with sides of greens (salad and beans) sitting over a bed of sticky rice. Also, your dish is also garnished with generous servings of condiments.

I find their rice bowls the better (and more filling) option to their burgers. You get nice fresh servings of salmon cubes infused with sauce. They are really chewy and fresh. It is a joy to consume. But whether you find them best paired with peas or bite sized cucumbers is tad bit of a personal preference. It was odd to me at first, but it offers a rather clean and neat offering which is not bad in taste too.

An Asian offering with a Norwegian take

Moreover, selections includes their Japanese Sashimi Poke, which is like a teriyaki rice set served with ginger edamane and flavored with wasabi and mayonnaise. Also, their Hawaiian Poke takes you on a more tropical offering with Crispy greens, avocado, sesame, chili mayonnaise and mango hot sauce. Lastly, the Mala Poke is a take on local hotpot craze, served with osen egg, bean curd, peas and mala sauce. It is the most spiciest (not spicy) meal on the menu. It has a tangy take, though does take away the taste of the Salmon.

Mala Poke $14.90 in medium size, with beancurd, vegetables and osen egg.
Mala Poke ($14.90) in medium size, with beancurds, vegetables and osen egg.

Lastly, topping up their menu offerings is a Nordic Creamy stew, tad like an ABC stew with celery, carrot, fennel favored with oranges. As well as a classic salad for our vegetarian folks. Additionally, you can make your meal a combo for $4 extra with potato chips and a soft drink. Though I would had preferred actually french fries in place of chips.

In addition, on my visit on a weekday. The dining areas were largely empty, so there are no issues finding a seating area. Also, the area is vast and open, overlooking the HSBC vortex fountain bowl.

All in all, Pink Fish at Changi Jewel is not bad a place in eastern Singapore offering quality Norwegian delicacies and bringing the otherwise premium Salmon staple dish to a more accessible mainstream offering, with a chill and quiet dining area to boot. Definitely one of your shortlist in Changi Jewel.


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Pink Fish Changi Jewel Locality Map

Changi Airport, Jewel Mall
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 10:00pm daily
Earlier 10:00am opening on Fri, Sat & Eve of PH:

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