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TG Bistro at ORTO

TG Bistro (Taste Garden) and bar is a western Asian fusion restaurant located at ORTO in the Yishun district. The establishment offers French, Western & Local Cuisine and is a Halal certified restaurant.

The spread here at TG Bistro
The spread here at TG Bistro.

The establishment is located just off the main lobby drop off at ORTO Yishun. Let’s check out what the eatery have in store.

Welcome to ORTO

A Fusion restaurant

TG Bistro touts to indulge you in a wide variety of fusion cuisines via a menu mix of Asian and western dishes. I would focus on the western selection. Choices of three burgers. There are notably also chef favourites, such as pizzas and pastas available the menu which I wasn’t able to try on my visit.

TG Bistro restaurant serves a variety of western choices, like this Chicken teriyaki burger
The restaurant serves a variety of western choices, like this Chicken teriyaki burger.

Try their burgers

Recommended dishes here includes their range of burgers. Their Teriyaki Chicken burger ($15.90) is a grilled chicken burger served a long bread, cheese and egg in Teriyaki sauce. It is paired with waffle chips and a small fresh salad side. The salads and chips are fresh and the bread are lightly toasted which adds a crunch.

Chicken burger is essentially a chicken chop patty tucked between sandwich buns, served with waffle fries and salad
Teriyaki Chicken burger ($15.90) is essentially a chicken chop patty tucked between sandwich buns, served with waffle fries and salad.

Grilled Chicken chop steak with waffle fries ($15.90). Their food quality and price point positions TG Bistro on-par with the offerings at Tenderbest and Collins western grille resturants, but with lower quality offerings than Astons and iSteaks.

TG Bistro Chicken chop served with waffle fries and salad
Chicken steak with Mushroom sauce ($15.90) served with waffle fries and salad.

Moreover, their fish and chips ($16.90) as another worthy contender. The batter is light and thin and comes topped with heaps of fries. In addition to their western menu is coupled with a selection of Asian delights such as those you can find a traditional Asian mamak place.

Fish and chips ($16.90)
Fish and chips ($16.90).

However, their baked rice is not as fantastic as the rest of the menu. Though their seafood baked rice with special sauce ($13.50) comes with generous serving of squid. But tad an underwhelming dish would be the baked rice.

Seafood baked rice
Sharing Platter
Restaurant Ambience

Ok but not fantastic

Moreover, for big platters, I would recommend their combo platter ($35) and are great for sharing in groups. On offer is a platter of wings, cheese balls, squid rings and topped with fries. Their squid rings are crispy and fresh. Combo platter, do take caution when biting into the cream my cheese balls. It is a viable alternative to pizza for sharing.

TG Bistro Sharing platter ($35). It is a potpourri of fried goodness
Sharing platter ($35). It is a potpourri of fried goodness.

Additionally, service is relatively prompt and responsive. Your food also comes out pretty quickly, within 15 minutes from ordering.

Disappointingly, tap water is not served and you are charged for bottled water. Tad a company policy to make a quick buck or two out of you in a bar which serves alcohol. For the record, restaurants serving alcohol in England and Wales are legally required to give customers free tap water by law. Interesting to note this is not applicable in Singapore.

The ORTO concept

TG bar offers both indoor air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating. The latter gives you views of an outdoor lake which is also a fishing pond. Also, ORTO at its core is a collection of multiple eateries in one private estate. It is tad like the northern version of Gillman barracks, minus the art galleries and free parking.

Dining by the lake at ORTO
Dining by the lake at ORTO.

Lastly, free parking is offered in the ORTO establishment, comprising of a mix of recreational businesses. Having said that it is quite impossible to find parking lots here and it can be packed till late. Thankfully, ORTO is connected via a short walk from Khatib MRT station about 400m away.

All in all, dining at TG Bistro is not great, though does not disappoint, does not scream out as a “must-go”. Still it is a great place for the lakeside ambience and affordable meal prices. It would be one worth trying if you are around the block.


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TG Bistro at ORTO Locality Map

Unit #01-02/03
81 Lor Chencharu,
Singapore 769198
Opening Hours: 11am- 11:30pm


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