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Guo Zai Zi Jia Redhill Market

Guo Zai Zi Jia Redhill is a popular hawker zi-char store located in the heartland hawker center in Redhill. Amidst the multitude of hawker centers in the city-state, Redhill Market stands out for its wide variety of food choices. Guo Zai Zi Jia has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists seeking authentic and delicious dishes.

Grilled fish with preserved vegetables.
Grilled fish with preserved vegetables.One of the highlight dishes here at Guo Zai Zi Jia in Redhill.

The family-run stall, named Guo Zai Zi Jia, which translates to “home-cooked” in Mandarin. It reflects the stall’s philosophy of delivery home-style comfort food using fresh ingredients and cooking dishes from scratch, just like they would at home. The stall is managed by two friendly Chinese chefs. You might relate to them as the “bald duo chefs”, diligently preparing the dishes behind the scenes.

A value chinese zi-char at heart

Furthermore, one of the highlights of dining at Guo Zai Zi Jia is the range of mouthwatering dishes they offer. Among the recommended options is their Seafood Horfun, which comes at an affordable price of $4.50. The dish boasts a tantalizing mix of seafood and flat rice noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, chives, and eggs. The portions are great for the offerings too with large fish slices.

Guo Zai Zi Jia Horfun $4.50.

Also, another personal favorite is the Dry Fried Yi Mian, priced at $4.50. This generous serving of stir-fried wet e-noodles with an assortment of ingredients is exceptionally good value for money. The dish is typically priced much higher in most zi-char restaurants.

Their Yi-mian get a recommendation as a value dish with large servings ($4.50).

Try their value grilled fish

Moreover, if you’re in the mood for a more substantial meal, their Hong Kong-style Steamed Sea Bass and Grilled Fish is highly recommended. Priced at $20 a tray, the dish features the fish served on a stainless steel base. It is flavored with savory Chinese pickled preserved vegetables in a delectable sauce and garnished with nuts and sesame.

Grilled fish on tray is a popular and recommend staple at Guo za.
Grilled fish on tray is a popular and recommend staple at Guo za.

Also, your fish is first pan-fried in the kitchen before being simmered on a vast heated fire-lit serving tray. This results in a crispy outer skin and a juicy meaty core bursting with flavors without tasting fishy. One fish-on-tray serves at least two. It is best paired with plain rice or an additional vegetable dish of your choosing.

I also recommend their fired rice dishes for a hearty meal which is prepared fast. You can’t go wrong with their Yanzhou Fried Rice. It is an Asian staple for $4.50 per plate with wok-hey. It is topped with generous servings of fried egg as well as two large prawns to go with it.

Fried rice $4.50
Fried rice $4.50, a zi char staple worthy to try with good portions.

Selection of rice meat dishes

Additionally, for those who prefer traditional white rice dishes, Guo Zai Zi Jia offers an array of meat choices paired with the Chinese staples. These can be had as single portions and great for a personal dinner dish. Here, other options include Sliced Fish with Ginger ($5), Black Pepper Beef Rice ($6), Sweet and Sour Pork, Pork with Ginger Onion, and Chicken Rice with Ginger and Onion ($4.50).

Stir fried fish slices with gingerand rice. A staple dish offering
Stir fried fish slices with ginger and rice. A more simple staple dish offering for the individual.

A personal favourite of mine is their sliced fish with ginger. The fresh firm fish slices are stirred fried with clear sauce and spiced up by the ginger, offering a rather clean dish. Their chicken cubes with onions is also another favourite, with generous large servings of chicken. These dishes are typically stir-fried and served on a plate with a side of white rice. Prices for these typically is $4.50, though their more premium beef offerings cost $6 per plate.

Stir fried chicken with onions and rice.
Stir fried chicken with onions and rice.

Despite the bustling crowd, the owners of Guo Zai Zi Jia are always welcoming and readily recommend dishes to first-time customers. The lively Redhill hawker center adds to the ambiance, creating a vibrant cultural experience till late. Notably, the store is located at the same row just across Hong Seng curry rice, another store we visited here at Redhill market previously

What is remarkable is how quickly Guo Zai Zi Jia serve up your dishes. The store service is efficient, and the dishes are served quickly and piping hot. Also, your wait time on peak dinner period (from 6pm- 7:30pm) can vary. But you dishes typically are prepared and ready within 10-15 minutes from ordering.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up, Guo Zai Zi Jia Redhill has established itself as a gem in Singapore’s bustling hawker scene. The stall’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and preparing dishes with care has earned them a loyal following. When you are in the Redhill area, Guo Zai Zi Jia is a must-visit for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in Singapore’s rich hawker culture and savor some of the city’s finest home-cooked dishes.

The store front of Guo Zai Zi Jia at Redhill market. It can get rather busy on peak dinner periods
The store front of Guo Zai Zi Jia at Redhill market. It can get rather busy on peak dinner periods.

All in all, dining at Guo Zai Zi Jia Redhill offers a delightful experience that should not be missed. Their dedication to their mastery of home-cooked flavors set them apart from other hawker stalls, with friendly service and a diverse menu of delectable dishes.

Guo Zai Zi Jia hawker center in the Redhill Close estate in Singapore is one to visit for foodies seeking an authentic taste of Singapore’s vibrant hawker culture. So, whether you are a food enthusiast exploring Singapore’s culinary delights or a curious tourist eager to experience the local flavors, Guo Zai Zi Jia Redhill should be high on your list of places to dine.


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Guo Zai Zi Jia redhill Locality Map

Redhill Hawker Center
Blk 85 Redhill Lane, Unit #01-68,
Singapore 150085
Opening Hours: 11am- 9 pm daily


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