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Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak

Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak is a late night dining place located at Boon Lay place. It is synonymous to the late night Nasi lemak places like those at Changi Village, only that this is in the West. Lets check them out with a supper dine-in today.

Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak store at Boon Lay place
Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak store at Boon Lay place.

Their menu selections are few and simple. Here, you have options of your Nasi lemak rice set meals starting from $3.50. Typically, they are served with Coconut infused rice (The fat lemak in the rice, also known as Nasi), with sides of anchovies mixed with nuts, cucumber and a sunny side up egg.

You typical dining affair here at Boon Lay power Nasi Lemak
You typical dining affair here at Boon Lay power Nasi Lemak.

To go with your meal, the highlight is the choice of meaty mains to go with this base. You have four different options to choose from such as Chicken, Fish, Otah and Fish fillet. It is quite good value considering you get all these for an affordable $3.50. After all, there are quite big shoes to fill calling yourself Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak. But are they up to the scratch?

Your meal with Otah add-ons ($5.00)
Your meal with Otah add-ons ($5.00).

Lacking in quality

Not quite. However, I found the meats, especially their chicken quite lacking in quality. I found it tad over-fried, oily and too dry to my liking. It is tad like food which had been fried much earlier in the day, kept and served a couple of hours after. It is not pleasant and quite a recipe for a bad sore throat after.

Moreover, you have options of additional add-ons ranging from $0.50 for fishballs, hash browns, fishcake, hotdogs, to $3.00 for premium fish and $2.50 for sambal sotong. $1.50 gets you an otah piece.

Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak Otah add-on ($1.50)
Otah add-on ($1.50).

Despite this, Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak is a very popular supper place, especially after midnight. Interestingly, it is also not uncommon to see our late night workers like those from the nearby Jurong island to our friendly police folks doing large late-night takeaways for their colleagues back at work.

All in all, I won’t recommend Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak high up on your choices of supper places. The food quality is not as great as the hype it is said to be, despite the long queues. You are probably better of having Roti pratas for your late night supper fix.


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Boonlay Power Nasi Lemak Locality Map
221B Boon Lay Place,
Singapore 642221
Unit #01-106
Opening Hours: 6:30am- 3:30am


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