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Prima Revolving Restaurant Dinner, Keppel Rd

Prima Revolving Restaurant is a cantonese-style cuisine located in southern Singapore. What makes it unique is that it that the restaurant sits on an elevated revolving unit offering an interesting dining experience with views to boot. I had always wanted to do a write up on Prima, since I visited the establishment since a kid. Let’s check them out today with a focus more on the revolving experience.

Notably, Prima restaurant had been around for at least 2 decades. Furthermore, it is located beside the old St-James power house building. The nearest MRT station is Harbourfront MRT station. It is about a 10 minute walk from the station. Also, there is free parking in the Prima warehouse compound, if you do not mind parking beside large trailer trucks.

Prima Revolving Restaurant main grand entrance
Prima Revolving Restaurant main grand entrance.

It sits on a flour Silo

The Prima business at its core is a flour distribution service. Their storage flour mill silos here is their main storage and distribution hub in the Pulau Brani region here by Sentosa island where Universal Singapore reside. You could see Sentosa and the Mount Faber hill from the top tower. Also, notably, the restaurant is a diversification attempt and is pretty much a run-of-the-mill (literally) establishment here.

View from the restaurant with Vivocity and Mt Faber in view
View from the restaurant with Vivocity and Mt Faber in view.

Moreover, the restaurant sits perched on top of a flour silo storage. You can tell it by the tall cylindrical-like structure which the dish-like revolving section of the restaurant can be seen sitting on top. Also, you can’t miss the entrance to the restaurant, decked in lights livery be/ckoning you to the entrance. Here, you can find a retro elevator like those seen in early 70-80s. It brings you a direct ride up to the 9th floor.

Silo exterior
Restaurant lobby
Going up!

Entry to the top revolving restaurant comprises of an escalator ride following the elevator ride up, ending with a couple of floors up a red carpeted spiral stairs. You enter the traditional Chinese style restaurant through a center spire which a restaurant bar and point of sale machine sits too.

The revolving experience

These restaurants are usually situated at the top of a building where the restaurant grounds, typically in a circular floor plan slowly rotate. Hence, besides the stationary center core, everything else here, from the seating tables and staff service island rotates about an axis slowly over time.

Up in the restaurant
Up in the restaurant.

Furthermore width of the circular dining areas is large enough for two 10-seater tables placed side-by side with service islands for staff. It goes slowly enough without being disorientating or invoke any motion sickness. Moreover, notably, there are not many revolving restaurants here in Singapore. With the other known one being Tóng Lè Private Dining located at Clifford pier.

Hence, the sector you see when you came in won’t be there when you retrace your step. It could get pretty disorientating for some when dining here for the first time. Additionally, a typical meal up here at Prima restaurant lasting about 2 hours can bring you about one and a half revolutions.

The dining platter
The dining platter.

Authentic Chinese dining

Dining at Prima typical involves dining from an a-la carte menu or set meals ranging from 4, 6 or 8 course Chinese course meals. I would recommend the latter for value and variety. A dine-in typical cost in the range of $500 – 600 for a table of 6, which translate to about an average cost of $100 per diner. This is comparatively higher than equivalent mainstream hotel buffet dining options.

Sharksfin 🙁

Moreover, Prima Revolving Restaurant is largely known for their Trademarks roast duck, suckling pig and peking duck dishes. Also, the restaurant menu comprises of traditional Chinese dishes, such as Shark’s fin, vegetable, Peking duck, Soon hock (Marble Goby fish) which can be prepared steamed or deep-fried. Braised seafood combination platter, followed by a carbohydrate ladened Ee-fu (Ee mian) noodle. Moreover, there is also the option of YuSheng, a Singapore dish if you are dining during the Chinese new year period like on my visit.

Trademark roast duck
Soon hock fish
Vegetables servings

Great service

Food quality is generally good and service is notably attentive. During my visit, tea are regularly refilled. Dirty plates are regularly changed at intervals between your course meals. However, notably the restaurant is pretty quiet, with several notable empty tables even on a weekend. In its heyday, the restaurant is always packed full of people. Not many people actually knows of this establishment despite being around for over 2 decades.

All in all, dining at Prima Revolving Restaurant is quite a novelty, though I found there is nothing to scream home about the menu selections. The restaurant revolving does a new degree of dining experience which is fast disappearing in Singapore today.


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Prima Revolving Chinese Restaurant Locality Map
201 Keppel Rd, Singapore 099419
Split shift opening hours:
Lunch:12am to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30- 10.30pm
Sundays and Public holiday 10.30- 2.30pm


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