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Wake, surf, pack, game, eat, sleep

Today is no spectacular day, just another day into the records for lazing around the house and playing computer games… Uh well.. at least I did do something productive.. like say adding a 5% to the completion of Mission Impossible aka project-tidy-my-room-up before my parents freak me out. Otherwise, its in for more slacking till tomorrow, yea tomorrow, another work day… dang…

Mmm, talkin’ bout work, the dirt bike course will end this wednesday, after that, the luxury of an 8-5 job would be over. I would get my probation class 2B license by then, than it would be stay-in till ORD… damn…

On a side note, did find some interesting stuff today on friendster, namely the accounts of… Osama and Dr Mahathir’s. LoL! Though they are obviously fakes, sometimes you need a laugh or so. So what’s next? Hitler’s or Linkin park’s Chester account?

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