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Umm I’ve received my 2008 NUS admission results already, and I am in!

Nus 2008 Admissions Letter

With the ‘A’ level results just out last week, it’s busy busy busy now, with applications to scholarships, sending of letters and verifications. Not to mention having to pop by school to get my NYAA booklet all done and collect written testimonials by my lecturer.

Got an unexpected mail today – a big brown NUS envelope from the admissions department, it’s kinda big and thick, like lots of attachments inside, upon opening it up inside a neat stack of documents with orange NUS letterheads all fastened together by a large paperclip, the first line of the letter reads:

Congratulations! Its is my pleasure to offer you admission to the National University of Singapore (NUS) in academic year 2008-2009 for a course to study in Engineering…

As admission to NUS is highly sought after, it is important that you inform us of your acceptance by 2nd June 2008. Do spare a few minute to read out attached instructions for acceptance in NUS.

Our academic year 2008-2009 commences on 4th August 2008. I look forward to welcoming you to the National University of Singapore.

– Director
Office of NUS Admissions

The funny thing is that I’ve not even submitted my NUS scholarship application yet! (besides my main NUS application I’ve submitted just last month) and also without my last semester results, which they also requested in the letter to be sent to them through a self-addressed envelope inside the package.

The rest of the items inside the envelope includes notes on tuition fees, enrollment form and a medical checkup form as well. Man, that is fast! Did better get this done together with the submission of my NUS global scholarship application.


    • Hey John! nice of ya to pop by from downunder!

      How are you doing ol’ bud? I am doing fine now, otherwise been very busy on applications for plans on my further studies and freelancing, its just like crossroads of life again.

    • That will be mechanical engineering for me Gary. With your grades you should be able to enter NTU eng or if so just barely missed the mark. I am assuming you got ‘A’ for Maths C or Physics? Because the weightage for Eng courses are more on these subjects for borderline consideration- so then your chances will be better. Your ‘D’ seems to stick out little bit more in contrast with your good ‘A’ though.

      This year is the poly dragon baby enrollment so places are really limited. I know quite a number Polytechnic grads and friends myself from aeronautical and mechanical engineering who were offered places in NUS as well, let be NTU, so it’s very competitive. If you are doing army, you can try banging for it next year, with fewer people applying.

      From what I know environmental and bio engineering this year is the toughest to get in NUS even AAAA and C for GP can’t get in from what I saw. Mech Eng is still moderately OK.

      You best bet for your appeal now is to bump up your testimonials and get your tutors, etc to write one for (up to 3) you. If your grades don’t shine, colleges are more interested on your achievements out of class, e.g community service, sports, a business you did, or something interesting with is beneficial to the college community as whole.

      My emphasis on testimonials helps alot from what I know. I saw a poly classmate of mine who got a GPA just below 3 (you can say it’s about like BCC for ‘A’ levels) been placed on the NUS Eng waiting list, while one who got like a GPA of 3.0-3.5 being rejected completely with a letter. So it can be your best bet!

      • Shaun, my A level grades are A for Maths,B for Physic,D for Econs.I put Bio-Eng 1st choice, Material 2nd, Enviro….. 5th choice Mechanical,at NTU, anyway I appealed putting Mechanical.
        May I know now I NS just entered BMTC , so if next year I apply NTU again, if selected, then when can I study ? After NS or must wait another yr.
        Pls reply, bro’


        • Hi gary, there won’t be a one year delay if you get a place on next year’s application, as there will always be slots open for every year. Whether you get a place this year is dependent on the number of people applying for the number of released places for this year. If you get a place on this year’s app its just a place offered by deferment when you complete NS.

          Your Uni start date is dependant on your ORD date, that is why it is required on your application. Even if say I applied this Feb (2008) for this August’s opening term and have completed NS, you can still get a place, no delays at all.

          You can try NTU next year, you should be able to get into an eng course with your results, its just a matter which you want to go into.

  1. Hi Shaun!
    My name is Murat. I am from Kazakhstan. I have done the application for admission in NUS for Computing. I mean, that my all 5 choices are for School of Computing. I’ve done the application before the deadline. But after the deadline in my application status my online application enquiry was “application received” (it was not even processing). i havent received any letters from NUS . status still recieved.. the other time i wrote them an email, they replied that the outcome will come latest during mid july 👿 I wondered if NUS missed out my application? Dont u know about dis situation anything else? :sad::?:Also dont u know about application process for category D.Thanks.i look forwardto hearing from u soon.


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