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Britney Spears – Break the ice Video

Well, I am not exactly a great fan of Britney, and not exactly my idea of controversy as opposed to Michael Jackson himself (not to mention his come back “Thriller” album), but sometimes I have to commend on some her songs. She is definitely one of the few artists I’ve grew up listening during my teen years. I’ve been listening to her latest “Blackout” album and “Break the ice” was one my favorites. Now there is a video up on it, all up in pure anime style, presumably an attempt at a stance away from the camera while she patch her life back together again.

I believe this viral video had been hitting the net latest, so why not share the love while we are at it, more at the bump:

Nice animation, reminds me much of the Animatrix styled animation as well. But the thing I find amidst is the relation between the video and the song.


  1. The anime is produced specifically for the song! Its not taken from any show, etc.

    This being Spears’ first animated music video was directed by Robert Hales and animated/rendered by an animation studio in South Korea going by the name Studio Animal.

    The files are sent via FTP part by part as they were done to 310 Studios was responsible for all of the Post Production, they worked in conjunction with a Korean production company Motif RMC, together with the commercial house HSI Productions in Los Angeles to piece together the whole video.

  2. I’ve been trying to find other examples of Studio Animals work but keep drawing up a blank, its very much the style of anime that i like and would like to find out what other work they have produced.

    • well, Studio Animal Co. Ltd do not have exactly a website show casing their work, given that they usually have their works brought or commission to external clients. So it’s mainly the people in the industry who knows them best I guess, even I do not know much about them.

      A particular one you can look out for is ‘Medical Island’ which clinched 23 Nominees in the Korean Content category in the Mobile TV Screening & Awards.


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