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Goodbye 2006…

Its time again, reflection time! Oh yea with that in hand I guess I hadn’t had the opportunity to wish everybody (and on a rather late note) a very happy Merry Christmas 2006, Selamat Hari Raya Haji and a very Happy new year.

Alot has happened since I came back, namely greeted by new of Singapore flooding around the Thompson area, good thing my family didn’t do our pre-christmas shopping there like what we did last year. What’s more this month also marks the most amount of rainfall in what 100 over years in Singapore? (if I didn’t get the facts wrong). Saddam didn’t get to see 2007 and Thailand got 7 big explosions to welcome the new year.

Reflecting on last year’s resolutions to achieve, I didn’t exactly achieved all of them but with some twist and turns, I guess it would turn out to be, the resolutions I’ve last year:

  1. To attain a study grant or scholarship:
    I did not qualify for one & sadly, academic excellence is not recognized as part of the selection it’s all bursaries. There are no other open scholarships for the year without a bond & awards solely based on good grades. However, the only thing I got was an unexpected book prize presented to me by the director MM during the final year assembly at the convention center recently for topping the cohort in the IDEAs module. And damn! one prize can only be issued per student, if not I wish I could have walked away with 16…. 🙄
  2. Be Fitter & Leaner
    To clock at least 30km a week since April 2006 (when I started my weekly running log), having a logged millage of 742.39km till today. Also ran a half (AHM) and full marathon (SCM) this year.
  3. Maintain my BMI (20.8 now)
    Still around 21.3… not too far off… 😳
  4. Maintain my cumulative GPA at 4.0
    Yes it’s still at 4.0, this semester’s exams are coming soon… ekk!
  5. Do better in my $$ Business $$
    I recalled one of my teachers teaching entrepreneurship saying: “for students, a good source of side-income will definitely be e-commerce”. Man hell is he true… not to mention a very good source of passive income. Business is good & I will bring it further next year. 💡
  6. Better Time Management
    I now not only manage school and personal projects, but work too. Moreover, I am currently managing 4 project groups in 4 different modules as team CEO & strangely I kinda enjoy it, so is my team. Definitely you don’t need a PhD in Management to do that.

2006 was a good year for my family & me. May 2007 be a more prosperous and safe year for all of us.


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