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Rotaract Medan 2006 Trip Day 6 /6

Day6, the highland in the Morning

24th Dec Sunday- The days just seem to pass by faster and faster, this is the last day in Medan, Indonesia, also our rest day where we get to do sightseeing and shopping. Got out of bed 8am local time which means about 6 hours of sleep from the last night (where many got less having BBQ overnight).

Good I bathed last night too when the heater was working, contrary to Chenling, my roommate who kept complaining about bathing last night in icey chilled water and the cold highlands- best combination. By passed all the morning toilet madness with my personal water store of mineral water, whee planning goes a long way!

Interesting I have to share the experience of brushing teeth in Indonesia (or places where tap water is undrinkable) you have to stash water in a bottle and gurgle your teeth with it, and use tap water (not clean) to wash everything else, always rather confusing having take tap water as drinking water (and for granted) in Singapore.

What will we do with peili and lots of excessive jellys? Stuff them into her mouth of course, too bad she can only hold 6. Ok enough talk about this, lets get back to the agenda.

Visited the local market where I can finally spent all the remaining money I had left before flying off, coupled with Lisa’s dad bargaining skills it’s the best combination for a load of souvenirs – keychains, accessories, and wear-ables.

The day followed by a visit to the brastagi market
Brastagi market
theres horses, not to mention loads of natural landmines everywhere
Horses & shops!
and we even get to ride some back at the resort
Pony rides!

One of the most interesting things we saw (besides the ever abundance of horse waste lined along the route) is the presence of a mobile KFC restaurant- Made out of 2 trucks back to back with a makeshift large mobile tent as the eating area. One truck is the mobile kitchen while the other is a cold store for food. We visited a Buddhist temple where we brought a gift bracket (with money shared from all of us) for Ann as a birthday present. Lunch was back at the in house resort where the elders go about deep frying all the remaining uncooked BBQ items to finish up so we can start packing and cleaning up the place before leaving.

a farewell shot before leaving the highlands
Groupshot before departing
our last night at one of the 'fast food' coffeeshops with more NasiAyam!
farewell dinner
we couldn't stop taking pictures here...
bidding farewell at the airport

Ning, Nesh, Malcolm and Pelili had pony rides back at the resort before wrapping up and heading back on our long bus trip to Kota, Medan. Lisa’s dad brought us to the highland hot springs, where added with sulphur, has medicinal healoing properties for skin.

our flight back to Singapore

Farewell Medan
Back in sutomo, we gathered all our belongings and bid farewell before meeting up with the rotary president and the Medan rotary group on top of Lisa’s family who brought us to a nearby “fast food” restaurant (they call their eaterys “fast food” unlike back home) for dinner where we all chat heartily. However, looming over us is always the evident sad fact that as all meetings and trips, there will be always a departure – in a few hours time.

We took countless number of photos for remembrance at the departure hall, not to mention always thanking the host and the Medan rotary club and president for their hospitality during our stay in Medan. We bid farewell before boarding our flight on time. It’s back home for now.

Thats all folks, the Rotaract Club 06 Medan Trip!

This ends the chapter and last day of the Medan, Indonesia community service. It was a fulfilling trip with help & aid offered to various organizations, something just monetary support won’t be able to fully fulfill. Yes it may be demanding an tiring at some points but the end results in the end are extremely rewarding – something money can’t buy – like putting a smile on somebody’s face, spending time or brightening up someone’s day – it’s simply something priceless.

Notably are the school and old folks home visit where our contributions greatly impact and goes in benefit for the locals. We can be rest assured that out efforts will indeed go a long way, for time to come.

Thats all folks, for now.

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