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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


My driving test is on tomorrow afternoon and I am feeling (yet strangely) very relaxed compared to my previous test. Guess considering that it would be my second attempt, moreover if I fail, its just “oh well time to book another test then”. 🙄

Found some time to actually site down and relax today. Had a few rounds of counter-strike in the morning, playing on some taiwan server, man are they such easy frags dudes. Spent some hours touching up on some updates on my AOH flash intro and creating the event map. Updated the drawing tutorial as I felt it was wayyy to old. Anyway do feel free to check out the new tutorial article up on the tutorials section of the site, spanning an additional page on photo shopping. Its kinda up there but otherwise incomplete in some areas, would finish it up by the next book in.

But didn’t find time to leave the house, guess I would have to catch Will Smith’s new show I, Robot next week then.

May my next post bring good news of my driving test… :mrgreen: *duh*


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