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The 31st, the last day for few things!

Today will be the last day of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon early bird special, do quick make your registration if you do not want your fee to jump by by $20. Today is also the last voting day for the Singapore blog awards, so do help support the site by voting for this very last day!

Da mud soaked shoes... dang!

Been around a run this evening and noticed a few things I believe people on the streets now should take note now. Today is also the start of the 7th month aka the Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore, you will be seeing alot of prayers and incense being offered on the streets these few days, not to mention rather interesting Wayang stage shows you can see sprouting up in mature estates, (especially particularly where I live in the south).

For runners, when you are out running these days on the streets or roads, do keep a look out for prayer altars or stray pieces of incense paper on pavements- be careful not to step or disturb them. My parents used to tell me that those paper are like Gold to the dead so, it’s like stepping on their belongings- something you won’t want to offend with the hell gates officially open for this month. What I can say is even if you are a non-believer. If you do do kindly apologize if may as well, after all how hard can it be?

Otherwise, do enjoy a great August ahead! National day is something to look forward to.

Running Mileage for the week
Alexandra Park Connector Route: 10km – Friday
Total Mileage for week: 10km
Total 2008 Accumulative Mileage: 170.33km

Sigh, I was clocking in at least 600km at this time of the year last year, seems that I am really cutting down to one run a week these days. I usually do not include gym sessions in my running log now on as that do not affect mileage, except for threadmill runs.


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