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Street Directory.com back online with dragable maps

If you were to followup my past articles on virtual map (aka the peeps who run the streetdirectory.com web portal) being shut down by the SLA Singapore Land authority after breaching copyrights, only to be revived back online only to be left without it’s maps after being denied it’s appeal to get back up into operations. Got a tip of from Virtual Map PR recently that the website is back now online with its maps! Ya! no more messing around trying to make the dumb and ridged SLA maps services work for me.

The site is now owning by the company which created JobsDB, so it’s not owned by virtual map anymore, but 10 of the senior staff previously from virtual map had joined the present website team. Dissecting the site, the interface is largely the same, so no revamp of the current site design, only with the functionality of the maps back online and running. In fact it’s even better than before with dragable maps just like in google earth. Dominated throughout the site are still litters of google ad-sense advertisements which always seem to crowd and over-saturate all the pages you visit there. I will recommend a google adsense ad-blocker (firefox has few good add-ons) when visiting this site if you do not want to accidentally click on the very deceiving well-placed ads.

For those looking for directions via public transport, you are not in for anything new either- SMRT bus services are still not included in the Bus search, but the SBS and MRT ones are still good.

Now time to get finding some places!


  1. Hi David, whoa this one has SMRT buses! thanks that is a good site for SMRT travel, the route is all mapped out quite integrated with google maps as well, the search is more flexible too, (the SLA one is very ridged)

    The other interesting thing is that it provides the commuting fare price as well. Cool!

  2. I had been using few of the above stated services for sometime and I find http://gothere.sg/ one of the more user friendly directory. It’s one of my favorites now with google integration and road maps as well! Love the bus service (SBS, SMRT + fares + traveling time) recommendation as well, I’ve planned quite a handful of trips on that and it all worked! :mrgreen:

    Initially never saw the power of postal code search until having used the not so friendly but effective official SLA maps (http://www.map.gov.sg/StreetMap/). The search by postal code is spot on I like that whenever I get an address of a particular place and just use that in place of the ambiguity of road names.

    Personally I am veering away from street directory.com as the ads are seriously very very irritating, they are all so “In your face” with is such a big turn off.

    Glad to see so many other alternative sites now, currently gothere have my vote!


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