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Spilling the beans over studentbeans

Pizza Express!

Woohoo better-than-dominos quality pizza with the same 2 for 1 offer in a restaurant, how else can it be better? Apparently it’s possible with coupons! and lots of them! Headed up to Pizza express situated near Jesus College with the gang for dinner recently, the chow down was definitely not possible without the website my friends discovered while hunting for the best food deals in town. This funky website goes by the name of Student beans and can be useful if you are a student on a budget here.

So apparently we all students entered this rather “posh looking” joint (which we all definitely looked out of place). It was rather hilarious when our “voucher mastermind” kept clarifying with the waiter there whether we can use those printed coupons off the net, before we ordered and even when we are paying, man it does adds to the cheapness which we students already have. But hey if you are asking for dinner on a budget that’s the least you can do. And hey at least the Pizza was great and so was the venue!


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