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Shopping spree

Dropped by to John’s house with him paying the cab fare from camp *duh* so I can get a look and troubleshoot his new, yet problematic computer. It turned out that nothing could be done after one hour of checking here & there, suspecting either a faulty graphics card or motherboard as nothing was displayed onscreen at all. The final decision was made to go to SimLim for some “professional help” in John’s uncle’s volvo X70 which he managed to “coup” without much resistance.

Troubleshooting the computer at Simlim only acts as a from of confirmation of my conclusion & its a motherboard problem afterall. Well pity that he have to wait 3-4weeks to get it fixed (considering that the board have to actually be sent back to taiwan for repairs) more before he can actually get his beloved new computer up and running. Patience dude! But I was actually quite pissed with the shop, Ja Maa trading very slow at service & most of all they don’t do 1-1 exchanges, considering them being the ones actually selling John the faulty board in the first place. Did some shopping while I was there & finally purchased the nostromo n52 speedpad for $59.90 after a bargain from $69.90, not a bad reduction I say, yet to try the new hardware online. Drove to Holland village for some chillout & a couple of foot-long subway sandwiches. There was a store selling the Canon powershot A80 digital camera I wanted at a steal-away-price of $589 plus a 128MB CF I card.
Definately a far cry from Harley Norman’s $699 price tag plus a 128MB CF I card & tripod, Best Benkin themselves going for $649. Went home only to go out again with my family for dinner.

Went to tiong baru plaza to get my daily contacts done and ordered, would in in by next tuesday. Visited granny thereafter followed by dinner at Parkway parade. Got an old game at MPH going at $13.90- WorldWar3 black gold & another guitar reference book for $36.90. Parkway parade is really happening not to mention new stores, the basement foodcourt, Jacksplace, Pizza hut & Swensens, not bad I say. Breadtalk is having some 4th aniversary sale thingy going on for 3-4days, and every bun on the house is going for $1, as we all know this is definatly bait for the kiasu Singaporean. And my mum have to spend $13 on just bread.. dammit when will she learn.. our neighbourhood bakery sells buns at most $0.60 everyday man!


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