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New item up on wishlist.

Been researching for a good digital camera for sometime now, guess I its time to start saving for one which have the following features I want:

  • Relatively Small/compact design
  • Manual modes (for fine photography)
  • At least 4.0 megapixels (more than enough for 4R prints)
  • 3x optical zoom (a basic requirement)
  • Movie Mode (for short snippets here & there)
  • Optical viewfinder (no over dependence on LCDs)
  • Rotatable LCD screen or Lens (for self portraits or overhead shots)
  • Able to run on conventional alkaline battery (travel convenience)
  • Uses the compact flash media+ or typeII format (cheaper & larger capacity)

So far I’ve finalised a few good cameras which suits (but not all) my needs. And they are:
Canon A80, Sony DSC-W1, Sony DSC-V1 & Sony DSC-F88.

If you happen to come across and digital cameras which I’ve missed feel free to drop a note down here. 😉

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