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Semester Four Results Out

Semster 4 Results

Today is results release date & similarly, didn’t really feel the heat unlike my peers since yesterday. My stand is that even if you check now or next week, your results won’t change, so why the rush? Came back from work around 7pm & did a short 15km run on a new refreshing running route. The Tanglin area is quite a nice place to jog in the evening, maybe I should plan more running routes round my home area, esp the canal route area where RP used to reside (and now UNSW).

With that in hand this week marks my 4th week of Internship. Work is still very manageable, not to mention rather happy and fun at the same time, I love the flexible work hours and the happy working environment. Did I mention my company even has a “pok pok” department? Yea thats our company pet chicken clad in the exact corporate colours of my company logo, haha. I guess I have a soft spot for animals, especially chickens considering that my family had actually reared late Chirper before.

Semester Results after 4 Full Semesters

I always find myself feeding it some food whenever I have leftovers on our tea-breaks, . It’s unreal seeing a chicken nested in the balcony of a penthouse office. Any problems? thats the pok-pok managerial department to you!

It was not till now, late at night, with some time to spare before bedtime when I finally logged into the student administration to check my results 2As and 7Ds. With that I also tabulated a progress graph of my results over time… Personally it’s quite stagnant.

*ducks and runs from tomatoes and water balloons*


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