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My First NS IPPT, then CAT1…

Today is my first in-camp NS IPPT and my first with electronic IPPT scoring as well. But the system is quote idiot proof for anyone but noticeably there are quite a few areas of possible exploitation of the system, not something that I would do while not under the watchful eye of the PTI, but something noticeable after studying the mechanics and visually dissecting test equipment, seeing how they tick. Just as to say, by means like any system, there is still need for human intervention and is not completely “un-cheatable”. But don’t be imitated by it too, as there is still the old fashioned way of doing it – just approach the station PTI.

😕 I am looking to maintain my silver just like during my active days, it’s possible to get 25points, but still a silver. Why? 2.4km as a marathoner is difficult to achieve below 9:45mins, having being so used to my steady LSD pacings. Maybe I should do more MSDs. So it’s quite uncommon for me to finish 2.4km without feeling breathless at around 9:59 tops and still raring to go another 20km (while others are all panting and collapsed), maybe it’s just me. Sub 10mins is 1:40mins of leeway from the silver cutoff timing of 11:40mins and I will still get the same $200 incentive just as someone who came in 11:39.59 for CAT X, bummer….

😡 Nevertheless after clearing my pull-ups, situps and shuttle run with 5 points, with the exception of my Standing Board Jump barely making 225cm (3 points) for a silver, it RAINED! CAT 1. So much for that, my first NS IPPT – Drenched! ALL of us can’t take our 2.4km station and left with a “Failed, Try harder next time” dinky receipt with 0.00s for 2.4km station. You can only retake stations when you fail and can’t take anymore if get to a higher incentive, bummer!

What’s more as things couldn’t get any worst, the journey back is as demoralising – it rained so heavy, you can’t even make out the vegetation from one end of the parade square to the other. Waiting inside or outside of the camp bus stop will get you drenched either way as any vehicle which passes by will send meter-high tsunamis into the bus stop… DAMMIT!

😉 On the brighter side, at least todays IPPT is considered an attempt, so I won’t be seeing a fine or MPs knocking on my door so soon, with the exception of maybe an RT letter. And there is KL Marathon to look forward to this weekend too. However, I would still want to take the IPPT sometime this or next week to get the cash incentive. Now if only I can get working on my Standing board jump technique to secure my sure-silver.

Coincidentally met my wing platoon mate Erick also took IPPT today too, also spent some time chatting with some of the old reservist uncles as well. It seems that most of the NS personnel taking IPPT are more than satisfied with a pass, but is definitely a “No-No” to me, considering the double multipliers for Pass ($100 incentive) to $200 Silver and $400 Gold. Recapping today’s event as told, my Dad say I push myself too much and should be more than happy with what I have or can achieve… am I being stubborn or the pursuit for the best and success blinded me? after all Dad is also like those happy go lucky pot-bellied uncles I mentioned previously too, “pass can already!”

Some old addition of millage I left out on calculation for last 2 weeks:

Millege for week before last week (7 day period)
Friday- Tiong Bahru Park – 13 rounds (15km)
Mileage for last week (7 day period)
Tuesday- Redhill/Tanglin Outer Route – 3 rounds (15.5km)
Saturday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route – 3 revised rounds (17.7km)
Sunday Noon – 1 Hour Continuous swim 50m laps for 60mins
Total Running Mileage for 2 weeks: 48.2km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 163.2km


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