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Picking up the Campus Pace, FYP

Rainy days, rainy days

It’s April and into the 2nd week of the semester. My new class is now DME FT/3A/10, which is a merged CIE class (my previously class went to 5 people end of last semester), so we have 20 odd people now, particularly the other class from the other DME CIE class. For the standard DME & DARE courses that I know of, it’s their commencement of their Final Year Project (FYP) this semester which takes up a weekly block on their academic timetable spanning all the way into the next. FYP is all on everybody’s mind now, from lecturers always calling us all up asking whether have we “found” a supervisor to my current and ex-class mates always asking whether I can join their team. I hate to reject people, but I’ve already formed my team and preliminary research had already started.

IA Lesson - Fun!

Frankly speaking, I have nothing much to boot, but leading almost 7 teams to overall grade ‘A’ since year 1 has brought me lots of fulfillment and satisfaction, especially when my teammates receive their grade – the very essence to push and strive further for your best, with trust, strength and bonds built on every stop. Therefore, I prefer to work with those who I’ve worked with and trusted as a team and as a team leader – knowing your team member’s strength and weakness is the bread and butter of a successful group (besides having known our standard operating procedures, SOPs).

Those who come to me don’t see this – personally I hate pushy people, especially with my current 4 knitted members in my hand picked project team, many would say: “one more member won’t hurt, let me in!”. I am not judgmental on one’s abilities but No, I see things in the limelight of my team and integrity, more members will lead to diminishing marginal returns. Unless when an additional member prove to be an extensive asset where there will be exceptions.

😎 It’s going to be a big project ahead of us. May the day come and we shall face it head on. We will rock the department.

The Track and Field team has got a healthy boost of about 40 odd new year ones, tagging along strong in attendance since last friday. It’s nice meeting up and socialising with them, especially when I try my best to make it for Tuesday training and tentative Fridays, where I would be pumping up more on schoolwork and managing my work. All we wish is for this strength to stay in the months to come, then that will be very very cool.

The gym now has a “new” regulation restricting students with long hair to enter, particularly only guys while all the girls can go in swinging their hair all around untied. Preventive measures not to get hair stuck in the weights and pulleys so as I thought? But why the sudden reinforcement of the haircut rule in the student booklet? “It had been enforced all year along actually… and only guys do weights in the gym… right?” So as the gym auntie claimed.


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