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The Sun Detests Me, Cutting down on Runs

Came back from an afternoon swim straight after school on Friday. Loved it, the pool is so empty I even can have 2 dedicated lanes on the Olympic pool for myself. I will be pushing my weekly Sunday swims to mostly Fridays now (missing Friday track & field in the process), as we swimmers do not have to share the pool with ongoing children swim lessons who can easily take up more then half of the pool real estate. The thing is that it “was” a sunny day – perfect day for an afternoon swim and maybe a tan, till I got into the pool, then it’s cloudy all the way until I left the swimming complex, then the Sun came UP AGAIN (I can just hear the sun mocking me on my way home).

After going through my timetable for 2 weeks finally got myself more of less settled in it now, also with my class. In comparison to previous semester schedule, things are more flexible now with relatively more breaks in and between which I can squeeze in for quick study or hour long gym sessions. Though given this, it’s still too demanding to cope with a 30km a week millage with Track training and school contrary to that during ITP where I have to manage all my training myself. With that my weekly millage will be dropped to 20km minimum which is still within my target for 1000km covered in 2007, anyway I will see myself hitting > 20km a week (excluding track & field intervals and specific distances)

Woo just like lego!

Interesting modules will definitely have to my Industrial Automation (IA), on top of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics which are actually both separate modules extended in the third year from Thermofluids I & II. Mechanics III is dryer than ever with lots and lots of circles and calculation, though it’s my baby module I am really missing the more practical old Mech I & II days.

Reliving my old days, I still remember my young days when I built my first pneumatic Lego powered arm, helicopter or bi-pedal walker when I was still 10, having it lift or walk around, then there was the excavator and other earth moving construction equipment which I couldn’t get enough of. The IA module would be a favorite for me, being both practical and lots of hands on. Maybe I should automate my room door…

Last but not least, Linkin Park – What I’ve Done is my new favorite tune on my playlist now, can’t wait for Minutes to Midnight to be released the song just rocks!

Mileage for week this week (7 day period) (excluding Track training distance)
Tuesday – Track & Field Training 12x200m intervals (2.4km)
Friday – Gym 3 sets + Treadmill (7km)
Sunday – Redhill/Tanglin Canal Route 2 Extended Rounds (14km)
Total Running Mileage for 2 weeks: 21km
Total Accumulative Mileage for 2007: 374.96km


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