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My 2 Weeks Vacation, scholarship, awards and stuffs

My 2 weeks vacation had started this week and I am already into a good 3 days into it. Having planned all my activities and schedules it’s a great time to catch up on unfinished chores and finally find some time to get some of my planned ideas to work, also besides getting up with designing my Track & Field new club T-shirt, getting on with updates/upgrades and improvements around the site.

A very good breather I would say, very much needed since 2 semesters ago ( previous semester holidays are completed used for my internship).

Pondering on scholarships and awards
Checked with Ngee Ann Kongsi yesterday and they they had already processed my scholarship application, let hope all goes well! Interviews will be on in July and I wonder what kind of questions will they ask.

Furthermore, got some news from my old track-mate Elrick that you actually do not need alot of CCA points in Singapore Polytechnic to get a distinction – a friend of his who recently graduated got DIST with only 60 CCA points. Personally, I have about 260 Points now (and aiming for 300) mostly from IVP, external competitions and representation, but that won’t seem to guarantee a Distinction. Instead from what I’ve learnt, it is actually largely based on favoritism with the admin staff themselves and it’s quite evident in the SP social clubs like the student council, etc where contact with their immediate officers are closer and definitely, which student officer do not want their club president NOT to get a DIST from CCA? So much for hard work…

Lastly, on the Lee Kuan Yew award in SP is it largely awarded to students based on academic performance within a technology course? I might be trying for that, only that I do not have much details on it.

Running Mileage for the last week
SP Gym 3 Sets Weight Training + Treadmill: 7.77km – Wednesday
SYFC Adventure Race ~20km (Not counted) – Saturday
32 Laps Continuous Swim – Sunday
Total Mileage for week: 7.77km
Total 2007 Accumulative Mileage : 503.36km



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