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Army Half Marathon (AHM), Singapore Bay Run/Sheares Bridge Run 2007

Sheares Bridge Run 2007

This year, this event is re-positioned as the Singapore Bay Run – SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon, to reflect the Marina Bay flavor as participants run through iconic landmarks, such as the Esplanade.

Army Half Marathon (AHM) aka Singapore Bay Run aka Sheares Bridge Run 2007
Date: Sunday, 26 August 2007
Start Point: Esplanade Drive
End Point: Marina Promenade (NDP Floating Platform)

Running Route
Click here for image of the running route (opens in new window)

Thoughts on the route:

From what I see, the route is very much improved from last year. The organisers decision to pull through the maxwell route area first in the early part of the morning (where morning traffic is lower and lesser obstruction for runners) despite with the presence of many traffic lights in the area (no complete road closure there just like last year’s city run) came very much of a welcome, despite making the Sheares Bridge crossing very much further into the run. The rest of the run will be largely on closed roads from Mountbatten – Nichol highway all down to Republic ave. The route itself is good, would be looking forward to put better PBs in this year’s race.

Closing Date for:
Competitive Categories: 22 July 2007
Non-competitive Categories: 24 Aug 2007

Register Online by logging into Safra Online or personally (Better) at the following SAFRA Clubs:

  • SAFRA Mount Faber
  • SAFRA Toa Payoh
  • SAFRA Tampines
  • SAFRA Town Club
  • SAFRA Yishun

Race Categories

Competitive 21km Army Half Marathon (SAFRA Member: $20 Guest: $25)

  • Men’s Open
  • Men’s Close
  • Men’s Veteran (Age 40 & above)
  • Women’s Open
  • Women’s Close
  • Women’s Veteran (Age 35 & above)12km SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run
  • (SAFRA Member: $15 Guest: $18)
  • Men’s Open
  • Men’s Veteran (Age 40 & above)
  • Women’s Open
  • Women’s Veteran (Age 35 & above)Corporate Team Challenge (Team of 3)
  • $60/Team

Non-Competitive (Safra Member: $10 Guest: $12)

  • 12km SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run
  • 6km SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run

* Registration fees are inclusive of GST

I just hope this year’s run won’t meet up with so much vehicular traffic as last year’s!


Race Conduct

  • Start point – Esplanade Bridge, direction closest to merlion/one-fullerton.
  • U-turn at Carpark C4, Near eastcoast McDonalds.
  • End-point NDP Floating Platform

Bag desposit
Bag desposit counter is located under the sitting gallery of the NDP floating platform (end point) only for competitive runners please be there early to drop your bag and make your way to the start point (Esplanade Bridge) which is about 500m away.

There is no baggage desposit for non-competitive runners.

Race Expo
Safra TohPayoh 17-19th August

  • Fri, 17 Aug 07 11am to 6pm
  • Sat, 18 Aug 07 11am to 6pm
  • Sun, 19 Aug 07 11am to 6pm


  1. Hi Bharat, anyone can sign up for the half marathon! regardless of where you are from!

    Quick do so online at safra.sg or drop by any safra club house to get the form the registration is closing soon!

  2. Race Pack Items
    Besides you number tag with your race chip and the event dry fit shirt, what you get in the pack are:

    • 30% reebok apparel and footwear voucher (valid till 31st Dec 2007)
    • Eagle brand plaster
    • Some insurance card
    • June 2007 tourque magazine
    • Luckydraw coupon
    • Safra activity lineup calandar

    :mrgreen: Everything is served in a normal plastic bag, unlike the nice paper bag last year.

    Official baggage collection point
    Do note that there will be NO baggage collection at the START point, only at the END point where the NDP bay area/floating platform is. So if you have baggage to deposit, head down to the platform 1st to drop your bags off early and make your way towards one-fullerton/esplanade bridge (a good 500m warm up jog away) starting point/runners holding area thereafter to start the race.

  3. Hi Elizabeth – The registration for non competitive 12km ends Fri, 24 Aug! so thats a few days time. Sign up online if you are a safra member here or quick drop down to any safra location to register personally.

    * Safra Mount Faber
    * Safra Toa Payoh
    * Safra Tampines
    * Safra Town Club
    * Safra Yishun

    You will get all your runner entitlements, tag and shirt on the spot at the counter.

    Hey Steve – The crowd, using the esplanade bridge for a gauge (spanning from one fullerton to the esplanade) will be packed to about 1/2 a bridge length at the start, its always the most packed at the start but willl gradually space out round mid journey.

    Judging from last year’s race, it’s always difficult to overtake crowds at the start and again at the east coast park where all the runners have to run on the narrow concrete pathway.

    This year’s race would be seeing a larger attendance and you can expect the same congestions, minus traffic lights round shelton way area. If you are largely hindered by slower runners, the best bet is the start around the front if may. Though there are no such things as “runner timed pens/divisions” at the start area in AHM unlike regular major marathons.

    In AHM it’s more like “late comers at the rear!” 🙄

    Hello SFL – Sorry, once registrations are closed you can’t officially run the event and get the medal. Medals are distributed at the end point upon completion and after verifying your category. You can consider next year’s event or alternatively, the other next event this year will be the Standard Chartered Marathon, you can register for their 21km event then, the medal is much better, though it costs significantly more to run this event.

  4. I have to say – that was a great run. I really enjoyed it.. Thanks to Shaun’s advice I got there early and had a good starting position. I was able to get my normal running pace with plenty of space after 1/2/ miles. 😛

    Now the question is – should I go for the full marathon in December?

  5. shaun
    someone teling me no foreiners allowed to race is it true cos i have allready regester and am wondering. when i regester i dint see this or no one tell me am not surpoce to run cos am from italy ok let me know


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