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More advertising in the toilet near you, this time in mirrors!

Animated toilet mirrors

Picture a scenario of you washing you hands at the toilet sink and doing your hair thereafter in front of the mirror when a picture simply just appears right in front of your face asking you to buy a particular product, catch Rambo 4 or join the Navy.

I think that could be the of many things to come with the new mirrors we spot in SP toilets now- The panel is a see-through one way mirror system, with embedded images behind the reflective pane backlit by lights located at various points on the panel. These spots containing the ads can be triggered independently or running sequence as a loop. The mirror appears completely normal to anyone (unless if you observe the details) when turned off so it can fool anybody into using it (and who knows can be motion-triggered once it detects someone in front of it) as how intrusive as it sounds, its creepy as well.

Arghhh! Ads are everywhere now!!

The only tell-tale sign is the thickness of the mirror panel- not all mirrors have a maintenance keyhole and access latch on the sides! So thats a giveaway by itself You can call this part of toilvoltuion, or “toilet evolution” as it can be known as- a period where toilets are able to run to self-sufficiently from the possible earnings they can gain financially from showcasing such advertisements.

The school like got these installed for about a week now. And I am glad they are not using them in replacement of the main vanity mirrors in front of the sinks, it not that will stink! With all these invasion in our toilets, I won’t be amused if we get toilet cubicle walls (and doors) which can like change slides just like those advertisements in the orchard MRT tunnel. Who knows?

Oh yes, lastly on a side note, I’ve uploaded my southern ridges walk photos on the photo gallery already, its one the journey from Mt Faber to west coast park through the new southern ridges park connectors. Feel free to check them out! I am in the midst of writing another running route review on that 9km route, should be able to get it done by the weekend.


    • Hi David are you from SP or external personnel? Otherwise, you can come over and check them out at any of the student toilets in Singapore polytechnic, they are usually located near the washing sinks.

  1. The word of these intrusive contraptions are starting to spread around campus, some rumors from students claim that these contain a hidden camera behind the mirror to monitor vandalism and wet tissue bomb pranks, haha do not know how true is that! 😯

  2. HI,

    need details on advertising on toilet mirrors……details on technology and availability…and where can we source the same from.

    Look forward to your support.



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