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Redefining “Is bad news really good news?”

Hadn’t been following in depth much on current issues, except the headlines lately, being tied down at work, tomorrow is my last day as a official “sai-kang” staff in SP so things are starting to pick p the pace again.

Looking at the recent front page headlines of the Straits Times since last week with nothing but death and destruction featured day to day, it’s not like we’ve already got enough of the typhoon and earthquakes already. This is also of course with the exception of noting the good intentions and relief efforts from few countries, but otherwise a breeding ground for international “IOUs” and opportunistic donors to take the limelight on the media. Maybe I should avoid the local papers in the meantime till our press cools down and divert their attention to something more less depressing, like maybe 2 countries fighting over a lighthouse island for starters?

Laughingly are also are the criticisms to Yao Ming’s relatively minute contribution of $50,000 to his country’s earthquake relief fund, cited as “an amount given which has no significant effect to his bank account (of $55 million)”. Given China notorious for their mostly not so socially conscious people, it simply paints the fact that even a basketball star like him can think that the people in own country are not deserving of a generous donation? Well it seems like a big smack in the back for China with the Olympics around the corner.

Oh yea other news, David won in this 7th season of American idol, which David? well go watch it then!

Thats all I have for the “news” part. Now back to typing out the southern ridge park connector article I’ve been working on since the last 2 days after uploading all the photos yesterday, it will be a 3 page special we can see up by the weekend in the shiny new running routes page (check it out at my navigation menu link!) as well, if everything goes as planned.


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