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Me and my Sleep Debt

Tried day in class

The week’s been very slow lately, with 0km of runs covered, lots of work/chores piling up, a packed weekend agenda all coupled with a large sleep debt. I simply just cannot get the hang of 8am classes, which I am always late for and takes up 4/5 of my school week.

But that didn’t stop me from “killin’ myself” by going for a 14.55km run this evening despite 5hours of sleep last night & a 8-5 timetable today. The funny thing is that I am very much more awake then what I was a moment ago…

Some interesting line ups for the week would be:

Tomorrow – SP Blood donation drive

  • Friday – Overnight CS gaming session with my colleagues
  • Saturday – Track & Field Farewell visit to National Stadium
  • Saturday – Track Marina Bay Steamboat/Mother’s Day celebration with Family
  • Sunday – Aid Rotaract Club Freshman Orientation Treasure Hunt at Orchard Road

I have to squeeze in another 7km of runs and a swim in the week to meet my weekly quota, also on top of finishing all my required tutorial work and freelance jobs planned for the week. Hey a person also have to relax right?

They had some kind of Microsoft mini carnival at the auditorium today, notably is the hold your vista contest, where anybody can participate by holding up a MS visual basic 2006 bible in one arm extended. The longest winning a copy of Microsoft Office 2007. They also have lucky draws to win an Xbox 360, non to mention CO2 booths selling PDA phones. Overall quite badly organized and rather amateurish as well haha. Pathetic… wonder how much those Gates minions are paid by the hour?



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