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Blood Donation weight loss solution

SP 07 Blood Donation Drive

I lost weight! aha 400 grams? If that is the capacity of the blood donation sachet. There’s a blood donation drive at SP today, today being the third and last day to catch the HSA before they carry on in their round island mobile donation drive (or you can pop by HSA @ outram anyday too). The donation area, situated in the Student Alumni Association third floor’s dance room which is rather packed, but otherwise still very fast moving.

The bulk of the donors are first timers, bearing a sticker stuck to their clothing similar to the “first time flyer” kinda indication. It’s my third for me, so no big feat. Knowing how the system and lines works, got through the queues quite a breeze together with my donor card and saw myself waiting to be poked after 15mins, a record so far for me.

Initially there’s a group like 4 of us classmates going to “donate blood” we talked it all over lunch all planned and ready, turned out 2 chickened out at the entrance leaving me and another classmate, who ended up didn’t donated either as they could not find his vein… duh so turned out I was the only one who got through a successful donation.

Currently it would be one donation every year, and it’s back to training and swim tomorrow.



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