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Happy Halloween, Woot FYP vetting cleared!

They even have cool funky front steps!

It’s Halloween time again and look! no one’s celebrating it over here in Singapore! Go around in a costume trick or treatin’ and you will end up getting tricked most of the time or maybe being labeled as “siao”, a crazy door-to-door salesman or people won’t open the door for you. Don’t you just love being like a frog in the well? Well I think Singaporeans don’t mind! We “own” everybody in these things, especially queuing up for hello kitty toys…

The Final year project (FYP) vetting was yesterday, my team’s presentation went well and the panel expressed great interest in our project, painting a picture that our project have a high chance of hitting the central white tent. Just like every team given a short 3-4mins to present, we were quickly told not to do our full planned presentation and get straight to the point on our project, presenting face-to-face on the table with the panel from our laptops. There were some over kills especially from the aeronautical side- those peeps just have an ego to maintain, going in with a full formal tie and blazer attire, overkill! I bet they will end up spending more of time getting screwed by the panel on their attire than get any work presented. Will keep in the update on the final postings for Spinnovex 2008 on Friday.

Though it’s the E-learning week now, our project group have to be in school everyday as we do not have any academic modules to take this semester. Well besides yesterday’s project vetting day, all the foodcourts in campus are always open and empty at our normal lunch peak hours, it’s so unreal!

Got a locker near my class in campus, so I can always just dump my bag and belongings in before heading out for my “every other day” Ulu-Pandan canal runs and gym. Beats having to keep having loose change to use the gym lockers which will be closed and inaccessible after 7.30pm.


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