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First Week of Internshp (ITP)

Life as an Intern in dilbert's comic strip

Hello I am Shaun, just like Assok the intern in the comic Dilbert, I am the lowest possible life form in the corporate ladder – having the profound ability to “not know anything” and the “noob-rights” to hang around like a complete idiot. ITP this holidays is a unique one, being only 9 weeks short, not many companies are actually accepting internship from SP (giving the department lots of headaches in the process) particularly because the usual ITP period is usually about 6 months and 9 weeks is technically a “holiday” as nothing short-mid term project can actually be done within such a short time, thus no justifying and company’s need for specialised training or intensive coaching to students. Mostly a “water-boy” role as proclaimed by many of my peers. We can see this coming given the SP MM ITP department sorting to desperate measures telling students to sign and accept disclaimers if they are posted to a job completely unrelated to their field of studies “just for work experience” as they claimed.

For me, being posted to a company of my recommendation, work is rather manageable. Moreover having worked there before on almost every semester holiday, I am already well versed with the practices and staff, with the exception of getting to know few new recruited staff since my last stay in office. Integrating is a piece of cake and I got a desk ready for work within 5mins on my first day of work.

With the exception of distractions within the Bugis area (such as shopping, Bugis street, Bugis Junction, Simlim square etc), I guess I am quite blessed with quite a centralised workplace location, contrary to some of my friends pooping up at dawn to factories Changi or Woodlands. Commuting is acceptable with one direct bus form home, with the exception of rather frequent long waits.

Pay is good too, way above the minimum wage (and SP recommended wage) of $440, and “high” enough for any student on ITP to drool for. But that is peanuts to anyone working in my current company though. My monthly pay is capped at a mere $640 so as not to “spoil market” as stated by my supervisor, so as not to invite any potential “head starches” to my school for paying an “inexperienced intern” the rate of a normal full time staff.

But being posted to a company recommended by yourself will guarantee higher pay too – many of my other SP peers recalled tormenting experiences of their company supervisors immediately quoting the minimum $440 wage at any given chance to cut costs, them cursing and swearing after leaving the HR office.

CNY is tomorrow thats fast! With the first week over, it will be a long holiday till the next work day, thursday for me (wednesday is and off day) till then I am free!


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