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Juggling work, play and Training, KL Marathon

Kl Marathon 2007

Work had definitely eaten not only my personal time but much of my usual run and training schedules – I had not been running regularly, (clocking awfully low week millage in the process) nor attending track training in school last few weeks. Furthermore, if it’s not hitting my personal weekly distance requirement of 30km, it’s beating it off with weather blues given my fixed inflexible schedules – so it’s either “yes or no” with heavy rain yesterday evening canceling short my evening run. But a 11km run at MR today topped it up, which was rather cool with coach around, with the exception of him always talking all about the movie Apocalypto. Registered for the Ambank KL Marathon there (Running the Half-marathon event $10SGD early bird price) at the MR carpark, where the official registration team is located.

Besides National Vertical Marathon coming up in a fortnight, my basic plan now are mostly 15km runs after work on Tuesdays and Thursday/Fridays (with flexibly in case of chill out Friday nights) ending the week with 1 hour continuous cardio swim on Sunday mornings. This is particularly important for millage training relating to KL marathon. But I guess the schedule can only realistically start after CNY, when all our blood vessels are clogged with pineapple tarts, cashew nuts and Ba Kua oil – the time for health and weigh related guilts is coming!

Maybe eating a proportionate amount of mandarin oranges will have an antioxidant effect on the unhealthy foods…

Mileage for the week (14 day period)
* Previous Week
Tuesday – SP Gym 3 Light Sets Weight Training + Treadmill 5km
Wednesday – Tiong Bahru Park – 15 rounds (15km)
Friday – 1 Hour Continuous swim 50m laps for 60mins
* Current Week – Pre-CNY
Tuesday – Tiong Bahru Park Run – 12 rounds (12km)
Saturday – Macritchie Park Run (Golf Course Route – 11km)
Total Millage for 2 weeks: 43km
Total Accumulative Millage for 2007: 82km


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