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First day of Semester 4

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First day of school.. well semester is today, actually I can’t believe I am looking forward to school as it marks the end of hectic work and chores for me (and I am the one who actually get myself into all these). Nevertheless made quite a good sum of cash for maybe for a new PDA phone or a new 24″ LCD monitor I’ve always been drooling for. Now the matter is when I am getting my paycheck… Also to treat my family dinner (which I still owe mum where I so happily sprutted the intention the other day…)

:mrgreen: First lesson was Engineering design and amazingly the module Teacher, Mr Choy who is taking my class for it still recognised me (ahhh you! you! – SHAUN!) from the IDEAs module last year ah? (Uhoh…) Soo whats your grade? Distinction? (ahhahh.. dunno what to say…) then he goes on talking about how hard is it the get a DIST, having to go through all the teachers, the director panels, etc etc… blah blah blah.

He’s a good teacher though, very helpful, but I guess he just have a little too much to share sometimes. Which I think isn’t that bad when you come to think about it.. industry experiences, competitions and stuffs. Just makes me wonder if someone if were so open and willing to teach, will students ever take advantage of such teachers. Because if they do, things will usually change and it can be rather devastating for the teacher and it affects their future outlook and self-confidence… and I had seen it happen before in my previous schools… Not pretty.

💡 There is the CCA drive on at the sports hall. Unexpected and funny having it between semesters of no freshmen intake, as we didn’t have one last year either, CCA awareness drive you may? Mingled and stayed at track booth for a while where Elrick intended to sink this butt to man the booth whole afternoon. Couldn’t find the Scuba Divers booth where I want to enquire about any planned trips up to Aur the coming march diving season so I can take my concurrent Advanced Scuba Course.

Engineering Materials was on in the afternoon, it’s a very promising module so as our tutor Mrs Lim told us with the given small class size (6 of us, from 9 last sem) it would be very cohesive, fast and efficient to teach. The class set our targets on our first day – DIST and strive to achieve it. Interesting finally having a female lecturer after last 3 sems of male dominated lecturers and tutors, esp in Engineering departments. First week is easy with collection of lecture notes and briefing, real classes and lectures starts next week. Also to get over the holidays lag…

😥 Still jet lagged from last saturday’s overnight BBQ, didn’t sleep at all which is very unlike me… (even at chalets, I will always find an excuse to doze off). The BBQ which started 9pm (super late) followed by bike rentals (3 mountain, 1 double) Macs dinner + lotsa fun get together bbq- your- own- food on You Boon’s porta grill gatherings. KC birthday celebration, water bomb fights (underwear got wet), chatting and overnight pool at marine cove (bowling alley closed past 3am, the other Longbeach don’t seem to exist anymore) slept 7.30am at home, woke up 1.30pm on Sunday. Still dragging my feet around today and lucky I didn’t miss my stops having dozed off on the bus to and from campus just now.

Seriously I need to get a new phone, can’t sync my contacts, SIM-only SMS storage, no music, sub VGA camera which I can’t get any pictures off. This old temp phone is killing me…


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