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Nokia N95

It seems that Nokia is quite aggressive on the phone launch lately, sticking to the N80 form, comes the lighter yet (more loaded) N95. It simply just give me second thoughts of continuing to wait to purchase the super outdated and overdue Benq-Siemens P51 (which still spots a 1.3MP camera, but runs WM OS and had GPS) given the rapid specs race in the mobile phone industry. Luckily I didn’t go for the Dopod 838 Pro or the Sony Ericsson P990i Nokia N95 last month as there are so many interesting options now, esp with 5MP shooters starting with the LG KG920.

Nokia N95
Nokia N95
Nokia N95 Open
Nokia N95 Open
Nokia N95 Media Buttons
Nokia N95 Media Buttons

I believe I must make a stand now: my next phone must be able to record video at 640×480 @ 30fps minimum (so that will bring about a 3.2MP camera at least and reducing the need to get a dedicated video camera) have FM radio, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, WM OS and a hardware keyboard preferred (or a form similar to the P990i) if not I would be downgrading! Seems that the fine line between phones, still & video cameras are indeed fading now. You will meet the N95 only on the planned release date of Q1 2007 in Asia. Expected retails prices should loom around at least $900SGD without contract for initial release.

Nokia N95 Specification:

  • Slider Keypad form factor
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 2100MHz
  • Symbian OS
  • 99mm x 53mm x 19mm
  • 120g
  • 8.75 days standby time (2.5/3.5 hours talk time, GSM/UMTS)
  • 2.6″ 16M color TFT, 240×320 res
  • POP/IMAP4/SMTP Email
  • 5 megapixel with Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens
  • Video Capture 640×480 @ 30fps
  • Secondary QVGA Video Call Camera
  • Memory 160MB ROM, microSD expansion (Up to 2GB cards currently)
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Infrared
  • Wi-fi a/b/g
  • GPS
  • Java Installable Apps/Games
  • Polyphonics & stereo speakers
  • MP3/AAC/W4A/WMA Music player
  • Dedicated reverse slide up Music buttons
  • Hardware FM radio
  • Dual Speakerphone

Here is an update from Allsymbian.com, updates in BOLD:

Nokia will announce the Nokia N95 its newest S60 3rd Edition multimedia computer or as Nokia say ‘it is what computers have become’. The N95 features an innovative double slide design with multimedia controls and a keypad on opposite end of the phones.

The N95 is Nokia’s first HSDPA (3.5G) device, but also boasts WiFi, WCDMA, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth, IrDA and USB 2.0 connectivity (via mini USB connector). Other hardware features include a 5 megapixel camera, a built in GPS, TV-Out, 3.5mm audio jack, a MicroSD memory card slot and 150MB of internal memory. At 99mm x 20mm x 53mm (90cc) the N95 packs an impressively amount into a small space. Read on for more details and pictures.

HSPDA is the next generation in cellular connectivity. The N95 is a category 6 HSPDA device which means it is up to 10 times faster that WCDMA or 3G (This is largely network dependant, check with your operator for such offered services. HSPDA is currently not available in Singapore)

The 5.0 megapixel camera uses Carl Zeiss Optics with autofocus and digital zoom with a dedicated 2 stage capture button on the side of the phone. Video capture at near DVD quality is also supported.

A GPS is integrated into the device with anticipated accuracy of around 10m (satellite signal permitting). The devices will ship with an application called Maps which has global overview maps built in. More detailed maps (with coverage over more than 100 different countries available) can be downloaded for free from an online server.

The N95 uses S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and as such includes version 2.0 of the opensource Nokia web browser (supports WML, XHTML and HTML in one browser), Flash Lite 2.0, FOTA (firmware over the air updates) and more.

New Images

N95 Keypad
N95 Keypad
N95 Media Keys
N95 Media Keys



  1. Just like conventional nokia phones, you can only charge them using a wall socket by default. It uses the standard nokia proprietary cylinder charging port.

    If you need to plug and charge from a computer, simply get one of those USB-Hphone adapter plugs you can find in your local phone accessory shops.

  2. i am also waiting for that NOKIA N 95. BECAUSE i am using the all N series model also using E-series model but only satisfied N 95 please launch soon in INDIA……………………………….

  3. Obviously by 1st Qtr 2007 means that it will be released before the end of the first quarter. ie by end of March 07 (this is what it says on the Nokia website)

    A question to N-series lover. How come you keep adding extra repeat letters to the end of words?

  4. Update! the N95 is expected to be released 2nd week of March 2007 due to ironing some bugs in the S60 OS 9.1. But there are pre-production models already released for reviews and handons (non-retail), but without the final bug-free OS.

    N95 Unboxing

    😯 It is expected to retail at about $700USD (About $1100SGD) it will be around “up there” like the N93-N93i presently, till the N95 takes the top throne in the sub-$1000 prized phone then.

    With Tele-provider price plans (ST, M1, SH), just minus about $100-$150 off the retail price (so we should be looking optimistically around $950-$1000 with a 2 year plan at initial launch). Just a hint telecos don’t take alot off the price for high-end phones, prices drop about $80 every 4-5mths only, so don’t bet too much on it. πŸ˜‰

    The price is quite expected for a phone of that caliber and so many features, sub $1000 is uncommon for phones with “new, groundbreaking” technologies, taking the N90, N93 for instance, even the old Nokia 7650 was that expensive when it first came out.


  5. Mmm one thing people, I did come research recently on memory cards, particularly the SDHC (SD high capacity interface) cards. Currently there is NO phone (even including pocket pc phones) which supports SDHC cards except the Palm Treo 680-750 series. πŸ˜₯

    So technically speaking any SD based phone (miniSD, mircoSD, Full sized SD) released NOW and/or inthe market won’t be able to accept SDHC memory card due to a new hardware interface and expansion will be CAPPED at 2GB (SDHC allows expansion from 4GB-32GB).

    Yes though there are unofficial 4GB Full sized SD cards (non SDHC) which works in some PDAs, but thats the most it can ever go. We are yet to know whether the N95 supports SDHC. But this SD standard is relatively new (about 1 year for Full-sized SD and barely few months old for mobile microSD), we won’t be seen it included in phones announced before Q1 2007 onwards (N95 was announced mid 2006). The only consumer approved 4GB SDHC microSD was announced only few months ago by KingMax corp.

    It would be a pity if the N95 memory is capped at 2GB having able to record DVD quality video which it won’t be able to contain itself. Till we get an official word from Nokia on SDHC or a hardware update (maybe N95i a few months after it’s release?) SDHC support for the N95 is out folks.

  6. WOW!!!….i shud think that it’s the most ex phone around town!!!! wif that kind of price….it better out-perform all the other existing phones and better still….out-perform itself!!!! πŸ™„ hee….but still intend to get one anywayzzzz….maybe a mth or two after its first launch!!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi, I am calling from Chennai,India. Do you think that I will get a Black Nokia N95? I am Planning to be in Sing by 26th. Monday. Will be inSingapore for 3 Days. Any help will be appricated Thanks.

  8. Hi Khalid, the first release N95 is only available in generic colors such as the current white front and black back. Otherwise there are are plum and sand colors.

    With future developments there will be other colors. (i.e. like the current upgraded version of the old 6280 to 6288 in black, the music edition N70, N73 etc which are all also in black)

    Official Ad:

  9. I think you can enquire in stores about the availability of the N95. They will most prob have it all in stock already but not selling it openly yet due to the need to stick to an official launch date. πŸ’‘

    I remembered few years ago, I brought my Siemens SX1 few weeks before actual launch from a Singtel Hello store. It’s so untouched, even they have not stuck the Singtel sticker on it yet!

  10. I am VIETNAMES ,I want to khow where buy N95 at SINGAPORE,PLEASE help me .I am MINH ANH.I am living VIET NAM .iI dependent on MY sister to buy for me.please…please…please

  11. I was at Singtel Hello! shop in Citylink over the last weekend, asked the staff they said it’s not in yet. Maybe because that store is closing on the 26th march and moving to ang mo kio, so maybe they are taking in new stocks…

    Not sure of the other stores thou

  12. ❓
    Hi Shaun, U guys are the New Generation Techcos, but I am from the old economy. Seeking ur advise. I am shopping for devices and was recommended Dopod 838 Pro, Blackberry 8800 and finally came across Nokia N95. I need a gadget that has PDA functions, does N95 has such. Cheers:wink:

  13. Hi Gabriel, for a PDA (esp one with a touchscreen) you will be better off with a Dopod 838 or a HP rw6XXX series phone, let be the O2 series.

    The N95 like all series 60 phones are still dedicated as phones and is quite a nightmare if you have large data input, etc having to input thru a numeric keypad,particularly needed for business and email replies.

    The N95 is more of a multimedia powerhouse showcasing what you can possibly have in a phone now. All can sync with outlook, mails, etc, only the N95 is more “unsuited” if u desire a PDA as a primary function.

    U can’t deny tat the blackberry and N95 are powerful phones as well, but in short, its more of a phone with PDA functions rather than a PDA with phone functions. Your say!

  14. An update, the Nokia N95 will support SDHC cards, as mentioned and tested on sandisk website which brings us 4GB and above for all your 5MP and DVD quality videos storage needs!
    (mircoSD 4GB SDHC)
    Sandisk Product Page

    This means, the N95 is technically able to be upgraded to 32GB with tat being the limit of SDHC cards currently, only if your pockets are deep enough! :mrgreen:

  15. Rumored info in the N95i

    Hi Icy,

    Specifications wise, the N95 wins the 838pro hands down. The biggest selling point for the 838pro now is the price and only if you prefer handwritten notes and require keyboard for alot of text and email entry.

    Otherwise the N95 is usually recommended, particularly if you are used to numeric keypad text entry for SMS (non numeric keypad text entry is one of the biggest drawback for PDA phones).

    The low down is get the 838pro if you want a PDA with phone functions and the N95 if you want a phone with PDA functions and a few nice extra additions.

    The N95 is also a more practical phone for the high end consumer unless if you are a business user, where the 838 aims to provide for. Furthermore, Nokia customer service from experience, though not spectacular is still far better than that offered by Dopod SG.

  16. We know Sony makes good camera phone but even that K800i is not impressive. So lets not even talk about cameras on Nokia. The truth is, auto-focus mechanism on phones are usually inferior. A camera of at least S$400 will take better pictures. Faster focus to capture moments. Faster shutter speed to reduce blur.

    Good thing about Nokia phones – battery life. Because it’s LCD on most models are less comparable to say Samsung. Maybe it’s inferior LCD (less vibrant) helps abit to save power.

    BenQ P51 screen size is 2.8″
    Built-in QWERTY-type keyboard
    Pocket Word / Excel – files are compatible with desktop Word/Excel.
    Able to install MapKing2007 (one of best GPS mapping tool)
    Many other free PocketPC applications.
    Able to find compatible batteries with 2600mAh+ for up to 5 days usage.

    Negative things for P51:
    1. Screen not extra bright;
    2. Less after-sale support centers;
    3. Super poor camera/video.

    • you have your plus points for the P51, but I still think the N95 still fits the package better. Furthermore all benq siemens phones won’t have support anymore in singapore as the benq mobile division already ceased operations since last year, so all the remainiing P51 are merely stocks for clearance.


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